Is this the vehicle the world needs? DryCycle


DryCycle (DryCycle) is a fully enclosed pedal electric vehicle for people who are constantly traveling. Bicycles equipped with an auxiliary electric drive system are of great importance and attractiveness, and the electric motors intended for them, along with the battery pack, give them an extraordinary force and traction that can be used for trips and… Continue reading Is this the vehicle the world needs? DryCycle

Unveiling of the new fifth generation of Russia

Checkmate Sukhoi

Russia recently unveiled the new fifth-generation Checkmate Sukhoi fighter at Max 2021. Chekmat is a kind of chess mat that is done only with the horse bead, when the opponent’s beads surround their king in the corner of the screen. The technical characteristics of Chakmit are average in size and not equal to the Su-57… Continue reading Unveiling of the new fifth generation of Russia

3 new startup aircraft

ES-19 Heart

ES-19 Heart For pure intercity travel the Swedish startup Heart Aerospace is developing and designing an all-electric aircraft called the 19-ES for short-haul city trips with the aim of carrying out regional and domestic travel, which is economically viable for conventional aircraft. They are not affordable. The manufacturer has invited investment companies to produce electric… Continue reading 3 new startup aircraft

US Air Force Partnership with Electra

US Air Force Partnership with Electra

The U.S. Air Force has partnered with Electra-Aero to design and build an ultra-short take-off and landing (Ultra STOL) hybrid aircraft. This bird looks like a classic airplane with wingspan 14.6 Meters and is capable of carrying 7 passengers with one pilot. Eight electric rotors provide forward force and, in addition, supply air along the… Continue reading US Air Force Partnership with Electra

ifly electric single flight


The iFly is a single-person octacopter that drives two propellers at the end of its carbon arms that share a common axis. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the way the oblique arms are mounted on it, which has four beams at the bottom and two at the top, which give it an unstable appearance.… Continue reading ifly electric single flight