After 6 years of continuous decline, LG shut down its smartphone production unit LG exits the smartphone market

LG has decided to leave after the failure of its mobile phone production unit. El Chi confirmed that it is leaving the smartphone segment. The company is currently the ninth largest smartphone maker in the world, but the South Korean brand has not been able to make a profit in the last five years. LG says it will focus its efforts on 6th generation (8G) telecommunications equipment, electric vehicle technology, the Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence.
After nearly six years of continuous decline, LG shut down its smartphone unit, the South Korean manufacturer has been producing the best Android phones in recent years. But devices like the LG Wing failed to make progress. LG left the mobile market to its competitors. Over the past few years, the company has tried to market phones that look different from other products on the market. These phones include the LG Wing; A product that had a second rotating screen. The company also launched another phone called the Volt, which had an external display. LG designed the G5 modular phone a few years ago.
Last year, LG sold a total of just 24.7 million handsets, less than a tenth of its compatriot Samsung. LG has announced that it will exit the mobile phone market, earning about $ 4.4 billion over the past five years. The brand will continue to sell its current inventory, but will no longer make phones.
LG said last year that all options for its mobile division, including full sales, were open, according to the Yonhap Korean News Center. The company was in talks with Vietnam Group of Vietnam and Volkswagen of Germany but failed to convince the buyer. LG officials believe that after-sales service and software support for their products, including the Android 12 update, which will be available later this year, is still available. website The company notes that it will provide updates, and although it did not specify the models that will receive the update, it will likely be limited to flagships. Obviously, the company will support its devices for a while, and in addition, software updates will be released to users, and only the release time will vary depending on the region. LG is also expected to work with suppliers and business partners in the mobile sector after the closure.
Next, LG will focus on IoT (66) electric vehicles of the Internet of Things (66) Focus on growing areas such as electric vehicle components, communications devices, smart homes, ribanics, artificial intelligence, and business-to-business solutions, as well as platforms and services. LG will work with suppliers and business partners throughout the mobile business shutdown. Recruitment details will be determined at the local level.
LG joins the ranks of companies that have not been able to survive in the mobile field over the years. Of course, a number of these companies outsourced the production process to other companies. For example, Nokia phones are made by HMD, and until last year, BlackBerry phones were made by TCL, while HTC also transferred a large part of its mobile business to Google.