Building and architectural innovations

Jiaxing Business Center China Designed and implemented by MAD Architects

MAD Architects has returned to China after building a railway station in the ancient city of Jlaxing to build a new commercial and service center. Just like the railway station, the project will include a lush garden and a central park with a traditional building design. This project is located next to the historic lake of the city and near the largest park in the city Its area will be 130,000 square meters. The same floating and sloping ceilings with white ceramic tiles can be seen in this design, which looks like a piece of fabric in the wind.
In this commercial center, winding roads and beautiful landscapes including beaches along the lake and river and beautiful trees along with sports clubs and swimming pools have been installed. Also, three different sections have been considered in this center, Museum of Science and Technology, Center Women’s and children’s activities and youth activities center, these centers by ways Wooden and natural sunlight will be decorated. The complex will be located around a central park with an area of ​​6,000 square meters, which will include an open market and a place for cultural events. The center will be unveiled in 2023.

Elysion Conference Hall in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, designed and implemented by UN Studio

UN Studio has unveiled preliminary plans for a new high-energy conference center called Elysion as a new part of the old conference hall building in the Netherlands. The ambitious design of the Elysion Conference Hall includes a solar cloud, a green courtyard and a courtyard space that flows into the old building as a new lecture hall.
The hall will be built as a new section for the Wan Der Valk conference and conference building at the BrairPort industrial hub in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In addition to green space, the building uses wooden beams and a large number of solar panels to store electricity in special batteries are intended to be used during peak power consumption. Also in its exterior Nanomaterials have been used to absorb nitrogen dioxide gases and environmental pollutants. Therefore, due to the design with high energy efficiency, it will receive the standard BREEAM green space. It will also be the largest charging center for electric vehicles in the region.

Skyscraper 108 in Melbourne, Australia Designed and built by Fondor Katsalidis

The Fender Tower 108 is the tallest residential skyscraper in the southern hemisphere, according to designer and architect Katsalicdis. The special thing about this unique skyscraper is that at a height of about two-thirds of the building there is a golden star explosion design adapted from the Australian public welfare star on the flag of this country. The glass tower is located about six meters from the main structure of the building. In the same star, there is a club called Star Club or Star Club, which has luxury facilities such as two equipped swimming pools, lounges, meeting hall, dining hall, two sports halls, a theater hall and a vertical garden.
The height of this 100-storey tower, according to its designer, is 319 meters. Meters and therefore claims that the Tower 01 residential tower in Queensland is 3225 meters higher. In any case, this project is huge and Multiplex construction company spent about 12 months only for its excavation operations and for the stability of the building, it placed 200 columns with a height of 46 meters behind the building. 3252 workers worked in the construction of this tower. And in its appearance there are 14854 glass plates.
On the lower floors of the building, there is a lush vertical garden and the design of the entrance to the tower is historically and anciently designed. At Star Club, the tower has a luxurious lining, parking and 1105 apartments, which range from one-bedroom apartments to luxury duplex penthouses. The price of a one-bedroom apartment in this tower starts from 363 thousand dollars.

Vastoras Travel Center in Sound designed and built by Bjarke Ingols Grotup

This travel center has most of the main facilities required for urban and intercity transport services and Vastras, which is equipped with a special and unique wavy roof with solar panels. The contract for the construction of this terminal dates back to 2015, which has a total of 16,963 square meters of infrastructure and includes a bus station, taxi station, train station, ticket offices, restaurant, buffet and other facilities. There is also a café, a park for friendly gatherings, a rooftop terrace and walking and cycling trails. On the roof, in addition to the air space, there are a large number of volatile solar panels that, according to ArchDaily, provide about 70% of the complex’s electricity needs. The center is expected to be completed by 2025.

One Hunvdrad Tower in the United States, designed and built by Gang Studio






The tower was designed in St. Louis, Missouri. The appearance of the building is such that it is as if protruding protrusions protrude from the facade of the building. About a quarter of the building units have balconies and use daylight. The tower does not waste any incoming light and, with solar panels, converts solar energy into electricity and stores it in special batteries. The unusual shape of the building is like a leaf due to protrusions on both sides and is focused on the needs of the residents of this tower. The height of the tower is 115 meters and the total area of ​​the building is 48300 square meters, most of which is for 316 apartments It is spent and the rest is for the facilities of all residents, which include a garden, parking, dining hall, conference hall, swimming pool, gym, children’s playroom and a business hall with various stores. The apartments vary from one bedroom to three bedrooms, and the decor inside the apartments is modern luxury, and inside the units, glass decorations are used. Quartz stone is used in the lobby counter.