French Falcon 10 commercial jet

The Falcon Commercial Jet is a high-speed long-haul aircraft equipped with the latest innovations to date used in fighter jets.
Dassault, based in Saint-Collage, France, has just launched its latest Falcon jet, which is comparable in level of comfort, adaptability and technology to any other jet aircraft in its class. It has a flight radius of 13,890 kilometers, so the Falcon × 10 can fly non-stop from New York City to Shanghai China or Los Angeles to Sydney in Australia or Hong Kong to New York and finally Paris to Santiago. Its maximum flight speed is 1142 km per hour and its market entry date is planned for 2025.

– Its passenger cabin has been upgraded to a unique level

Falcon × 10 has the largest and most comfortable cabin in the world aviation market in this class and its modularity is incomparable with all its competitors and its interior layout can be changed in different ways It is large and spacious and can be divided into four different sections, each of which is the same length, but customers can change it to any shape they wish. For example, they can expand the living or conference space, or dedicate the interior of the cabin to entertainment by installing a large monitor and display. It is possible to consider a bedroom with a double bed or a large suite with a private bathroom.
The cross section of the Falcon 108 is even larger than that of the regional passenger jets because it is 3.03 meters high and 77.2 meters wide, which means Which is 20 cm wide and 5 cm taller and wider than the carpentry jets that fly today. The cabin under pressure is also the best in the aviation market, so that the amount of cabin pressure at an altitude of 41,000 feet is equivalent to a barrel and at an altitude of 3,000 feet. The use of the new generation filtration system in this aircraft guarantees a 100% clean air. In terms of volume, it can be compared to the Falcon 8x, which is currently the quietest commercial jet.

– New structure, new materials, super efficiency

The 107 has a completely new body with windows that are too large, or in other words, 50% larger and larger than the 8x Falcon. With 38 windows, the 108 has the brightest cab in the world of commercial aviation.
Its high-speed wing is made of carbon fiber composites for maximum durability, which also reduces weight and minimum resistance to wind flow. The appearance of the wings is designed in such a way that they can have higher speed and higher efficiency, and its aspect ratio to each other is extremely high, and therefore it can perform special maneuvers even at low speeds when approaching the runway. This jet is one of the most advanced and energy-efficient engines built by Rolls-Royce and is a Pearl with pearls, which are the most powerful engines in the Pearl series and the amount of thrust they can create is more than 18,000 pounds.

A dramatic advance in flight deck technology

The flight deck or so-called front of the Falcon 108 dashboard had a design with sensory and visual capabilities, which is a new standard, and all the screens in the cockpit are touch. The next generation of DFCS or digital flight control system, which is directly borrowed from the latest Dassault technology for military use, is equipped with high accuracy and equipped with a new single-button recovery mode, which is a breakthrough in aviation.
To control the engine power in this Falcon, a single gas lever is used, which of course is intelligent. Both engines connect it to the digital flight control system or DCS, which automatically manages the amount of power of each engine in accordance with different flight scenarios. Gives . In this Falcon of an integrated visual system called FalconEyes Used, it is the first of its kind that has the ability to create real or artificial images and with two head-ups are considered as the main flight screens and enable 10x to be able to continue its safe flight in complete darkness.

A word about the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault

During the twentieth century, the company managed to sell more than 10,000 private and civil aircraft including 2,500 Falcons to more than 90 countries, and therefore in terms of design, construction, sales and after-sales service of all types of aircraft from From the Rafale fighter to the Falcon commercial jets, military drones and space systems, it has a great deal of expertise and reputation and is a world-renowned brand. The company’s revenue in 2020 amounted to 5.5 billion euros and the number of employees is 12 thousand 440 people.