Game console market news

Surface Dou Xbox

Microsoft is giving you a new eternity of xbox’s Game Pass cloud gaming platform for Android, which is one of the dual tilt screens of Surface Dou that you are in a video call or using the second screen as a touch keyboard like a laptop Is . The other was as a mobile gaming device that used a Bluetooth controller supported for the Xbox Game Pass game. Turn the bottom screen into an Xbox controller. This means that the thumb turns the screen into a virtual touch controller, while the other screen of the tablet displays the game. One of the scenarios used by Microsoft before the release of the Surface Duo was checking emails on one page while watching a movie on another page, or listening to a speech when they do not interfere, do not cover the top, and do not interfere with gameplay.

Atari Mini Pong

The fun and interesting digital ping pong game Atari Mini Pong is kind of like a big tablet with a length of 30 cm with a 9.7-inch LCD screen. At each end of the mirror there is a knob that players twist to move the digital pedals and digital ball towards the opponent. The opponent can be another player or the computer itself and has 10 easy to difficult levels. This device can be charged with a USB cable and adapter, or it can be used for a longer time with three rechargeable lithium batteries. This is an interesting device, although we honestly have to wait to see how long the new and interesting game console, which is dedicated exclusively to ping pong, will continue. Most of Atari seems to have spent a lot of time trying to restore previously invented video games.

Nintendo Switch OLED



Game console with 7-inch OLED touch screen This new game console has more internal memory and a dock with a wired LAN port. The dimensions of the Switch console with the Joy-Con control buttons are equal to 13.9 x 242.102 mm, and its mass is 320 grams alone and 220 grams of control buttons connected to the sides. The Nintendo console in this larger and heavier frame has a 7-inch OLED touch screen with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, and two portable manual modes and Tabletop with an adjustable stand can be used for a suitable viewing angle. There’s a custom Nvidia Tegra processor, or 64GB of internal storage that can be expanded via microSD, and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and WIFI. The 4310 mAh lithium-ion battery is suitable for 9 hours of play time per charge. Nintendo promises advanced audio experience with two built-in speakers or a 3.5mm jack. The HDMI port connects to the TV, increasing the resolution to Full HD at 60 frames per second.

Evercade VS

Rotro or classic and old games never go out of style, but it is very difficult to find this type of classic game and play with them in modern consoles. Evercade VS game console has tried to combine old and new games and cartridges of 1980s games. And to produce 1990 with modern and contemporary concessions
It seems that the rectangular controllers on it are exactly the same as the old game controllers and are related to a time when the comfortable design of the buttons did not matter much. Up to four of these controllers can be connected to the device. The VS version focuses more on media obsolescence, or rather, game cartridges that can be shared between two Evercade models. The Evercade VS also has several modern features. Its output is HDMI with 1080p resolution and Full HD quality and has a Wi-Fi connection to update the operating system and games. In a single move, two cartridges can be inserted into the slot of the device at the same time, allowing players to select each of the cartridge games through a menu.

PlayStation 5 VR

Just a few weeks after Sony confirmed that it was producing a virtual reality (VR) system for the PlayStation 5, the company has now unveiled its controls. Adapted from the sleeves and redesigned, these gamepads look years ahead of the old PS4 consoles and have some of the features of the DualSense PS5 game console. PS5 VR controllers are like a regular controller that is cut in half and each has a different image in the mirror. Each control handle has a button under the thumb, and a button to hold the handle is located next to it, and a trigger is located on the back of the handle, and the main buttons are triangle and square on the left, and X and circle on the right. اند. The Create button is on the left half and the Options button is on the right half of the handle. The PS5 VR controllers are clearly adapted from the design of the Oculus Quest controllers. Fortunately, these new controllers have offset the inconvenience of PS Move controllers in favor of a modern design. All buttons, triggers, and knobs seem to be much easier to access and use than older controllers, and the buttons are very similar to the Oculus Quest controller. If you want to imitate someone, you can imitate the best. Tracks and controls you by advanced system. Instead of the old system where a camera only controls your TV from the front, the new headset now tracks the location of your handheld controllers.
PS4 VR gamepads mostly provide a sitting-forward experience, and if you turn your back on the system camera, your hands in the game will just move away from the game, but the new PS5 VR gamepads have this limitation. They have been fixed and allow virtual reality to be rotated 360 degrees on a room scale. The new controllers have some other interesting tricks up their sleeve. Even if you do not press any special buttons, touch sensors can detect how your fingers are placed or raised on the controller, allowing more natural movements to be repeated virtually.