The Gromyashchiy multi-role rocket launcher is the pinnacle of the world’s best frigates, so it can take on some of the tasks of a heavy frigate. Garmbashchi is the only Corvette in the world with an integrated defense and offensive network that has a lot of capabilities compared to its rejection.

Genesis and design

Garmiashchi is a product of Almaz Central Maritime Design Office in St. Petersburg to complete the Stragaichi class. Construction of the first aircraft began in 2011 and became operational on the last day of 2020 in the Russian Navy. Its design is more astringentImproved for long missions and the ability to fire offensive cruise missiles
It was originally planned to use MTU Germany’s turbine diesel engine, but Western sanctions halted their delivery after two units. Finally, the replacement engine was produced by the Russian company Kolomna. Any propulsion as wellIncludes two diesel engines 16049 and reverse gear block
The force is transmitted by two shafts to two fixed five-spoke impellers. Its speed is 50 km / h, its range is 7400 km (at a speed of 26 km / h) and its sailing duration is 15 days. Kermbashchi is designed with stealth for coastal water patrols, maritime security, surface warfare, anti-submarine and air defense. It also has an innovative design that includes a steel body with 9 waterproof parts and a composite superstructure. Its design is aimed at reducing the effects of sound, radar, infrared, visual and magnetic. The underwater nose is also made of onion, which is Reducing drag increases fuel speed and efficiency. The length, width and water intake of the ship are 106, 13 and 5 meters, respectively. The number of crew is 100 people, plus a few mission modules in the fuselage.
Garmiashchi has the ability to deal with land, sea, air and submarine targets. So far, 2 aircraft have been completed, one of which is operational, and the total number is expected to reach 6 aircraft. Four more will be in service between 2024 and 2028, all for the Pacific Fleet. Garmiashchi is the first Russian ship with a caliber cruise missile to be deployed in the Pacific.



The Cannon is a 100 mm 01 – A190 caliber multi-role light firearm with a rate of 80 rounds per minute and a range of 20 km, which is used for combat with ships, coastal and air targets of the enemy. Between the ball and the hallThe command is the UKSK (Global Naval Launch System) 8-launcher, which combines anti-ship and offensive cruise missiles such as ultrasonic caliber, ultrasonic onyx and ultrasonic shrews.
To attack ground targets, a 147-3M caliber ultrasonic cruise missile with a range of 1,500 to 2,500 kilometers is used. It is the counterpart of Tomahawk and has a speed of 450 kg of explosives and a speed of Mach 0.8. To attack ships, the Onyx 800-P ultrasonic cruise missile with a range of 600 km is used, which has a Ramjet propulsion with Mach 3.5 speed and 250 kg of explosives. Barnets, the frigate’s large and small caliber cannons, were successfully tested against air targets and deployed in the Baltic.
According to President Putin, Garmiashchi will be equipped with shrewdness. It has a Mach 8 to 9 speed, the world’s fastest cruise missile, which is extremely difficult to defend due to its very high speed. In addition to anti-ship, Zirkan also has the ability to attack ground targets. The estimated range at the altitude of the post is 500 km and on the quasi-ballistic route is 750 km. But the Russian media, quoting Putin, say the range is a thousand kilometers. In any case, a frigate with this dangerous weapon has achieved the ability to strategically attack. It is also close for battle. Finally, 2 14.5 mm MTPU bullets

Radar and defense

Garmiashchi combines the best sensors and weapons made in Russia. All the frigates of the frigate are integrated in the form of Zaslon system on the control flower and there is no separate place for navigation radar or artillery. Most antennas are integrated into the control shell, which is angled and minimizes reproductive reflection. Above it is the Furke active electronic search radar with a range of 250 km inside a spherical cover.
Slightly lower is the Bamie active electronic reconnaissance radar set with the ability to simultaneously intercept more than 100 targets in the form of 4 pairs of antennas in the corners of the king rig, which includesSmaller x-band antenna or 180 kW range in the role of fire control and large-band antenna. With a range of 300 km, it is in the role of early warning and achieving the goal. S, L and MHF have a range of 74 km and an altitude of 3048 meters.
In addition to the 8-nose launcher fired by the cruise missile, the 16 vertical launchers of the Redat system are in the form of two octagonal clusters on either side of the ship, which have three types of long-range, short-range and short-range surface-to-surface missiles. It can hunt a target with a range of 1 to 120 km and an altitude of 5 to 30 thousand meters. Its guidance system is an active radar sensor that receives information on the latest movements of the target and has canards and small boosters in the nose for heavy maneuvers.
The AM96 short-range missile is similar to the long-range version, but is smaller and can hunt targets with a range of 1 to 40 km and an altitude of 5 to 20,000 meters. The 9M100 short-range missile also has a maximum range of 10 km and uses an infrared or radar imaging sensor. he does . It is possible to carry 4 short-range missiles inside each silo, which in addition to air targets, can also destroy surface targets.
For example, 12 long-range and short-range missiles can be carried in 16 silos, plus 16 short-range missiles, which is significant for the defense of the 2,500-ton frigate. A total of 28 surface-to-air missiles are capable of suppressing air strikes and anti-ship cruises, with a 90 percent chance of hitting a jet such as the Super Hornet and a 70 percent chance of hitting the Harion missile. If the targets pass the defense, there are two AK-630M close-range firefighters on either side of the heel of the ship.

Subsurface battle

It can be used to attack submarines and destroy torpedoes approaching the ship. Pioneering tool that increases the frigate’s anti-torpedo capability by 3 to 3.5 times. Pakst – NK automatically generates target data for offensive mode. Identifies the enemy through the door, determines its type, calculates the movement parameters and throws the defense through the door.