Honda CB900F

The Honda CB900F was a respectable motorcycle forty years ago, but it has almost nothing to say compared to today’s sports bikes, which are lighter, faster and better equipped. Equipped with a more efficient propulsion system, things will be a little different, as NCT Motorcycles experts have done, and in addition to the technical changes, they have also modernized its appearance.
The story began when the owner of this 1980 Honda CB9OOF delivered his motorcycle with a unique idea to the experts of the Austrian company. Interestingly, he chose this name for his motorcycle based on a theory called Black Swan: This theory Metaphor is an unexpected subject that has a great impact.
In line with this attitude, NCT specialists began their work. So this CB900F uses a custom body using the Ducati undercarriage set, other than its giant inline four-cylinder engine. Even according to David Widman, president of NCT, parts worth approximately $ 9,680 were used inside the engine alone have became . These include forged pistons and connecting rods, a lighter crankshaft, racing cams, new valves and a host of other components.
The exhaust of this motorcycle has been replaced with a racing system of type four to one made of Akrapovich made of stainless steel, and next to it, a new set of:
Keihin CR carburetors and K&N filters are used. As a result of these changes, the 980 cc engine of this motorcycle now transmits 130 horsepower to the rear wheel. In addition, other parts including wheels, one-way rear wheel support arm, rear shock absorber with rear brake were removed from a Ducati Monster 1100 EVO. This is exactly what the NCT crew did before, so they knew exactly where to weld the base of the new motorcycle chassis.
At the front, the Shown fork catches the eye, which is held in place by a custom upper lock and fits the Ducati wheel. be . The front fender is also made of carbon fiber and the tires are Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa.
To design the new and beautiful body of this Honda, David Widman invited one of his friends named Blaise Sastarsij at ER Motorcycles in Slovenia. NCT and ER have been working together for several years, but this is the biggest project they have done together.
Not only did Blaz design new parts for the motorcycle, but he was also responsible for building them. Including the clean and the rear, both of which are beautifully made of aluminum. Interestingly, it took about 200 hours to design and build a clean motorcycle alone. The tank cap is also made in the style of racing motorcycles with a milling machine by one of the NCT engineers.
A 3D printer is used to make the headlight frame and odometer, and for this reason the LED headlights and odometer made by Motogodpet are well embedded inside them. Total motorcycle wiring plus switches And the traffic lights are made by the German company Motogadget. Other improvements include the use of custom clamps, a set of new parts in the rear, as well as a combination of taillights and LED taillights in one set.
Naturally, the strong black, as its name implies, benefits from a black coating, and all parts of it are almost the same color. In addition, very delicate color stripes, Honda feathers on the tank and a small CB980 R design in the partBack attract attention. Even if you look more closely, you will notice that the color of the body decorations and the stitching of the chair match the color of the bases of the front plug and the lid of the tank.
Most interestingly, the seat cover design is inspired by the interior of the Lamborghini Urus and the beautiful NCT logo is installed on the back. Another point to note is that the place of the license plate or mirrors for this motorcycle has not been designed yet, and this will probably be done in the next few months.