Innovations in the maritime world

Candela C7 is the first electric hydrofoil boat

Engineer Ashkan Masoumi Sari Curvleti Boat Company in Sundia Improving the batteries in its electric boats has been able to reduce their mileage by about three times compared to other electric boats. With the water level, it has increased the riding efficiency and significantly reduced the drag coefficient in the boat, and for this reason, the power consumption of this hydrofoil boat will be greatly reduced and the distance traveled in it will be increased up to three times.
The C7 is unique in the world with its electric propulsion system and automatic opening system of hydrofoils under the hull, and is a special innovation of its kind. The design of the hydrofoil system is such that it increases the efficiency and as soon as they are opened and lifted on the water surface, the hydrodynamic drag coefficient of the boat is reduced and the friction of the boat floor with the water surface is minimized.
Gasoline consumes more energy (per kilogram) than lithium batteries, and on the other hand boats compared to cars They use more energy to overcome water surface friction. The Candela C7 can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots equivalent to 56 km / h with hydrofoils under the hull, and with a single charge of a 40 kWh lithium battery and an average speed of 41 km / h, it can cover a distance of 50 nautical miles (93 km). Slowly.
This is three times the distance that other electric boats travel. Of course, the Sarvo37 travels 186 km on a single charge. With carbon fiber folding hydrofoils, the hull can even cross waves up to a height of 1.1 meters. Is connected. The C7 boat digital control system uses ultrasonic sensors, gyroscopes, speedometers and GPS systems to automatically adjust the angles of the foils 100 times per second to control the correct course. Price $ 240,000

Super Air Nautique GS22E Electric tug boat for water sports

The world’s first electric paddle boat is designed and built for water sports such as water skiing, which takes place on the shores of Yache Tahoe, California. Nautique in Miami, California, is heavily involved in water sports, and to show off the boat, it has arranged 13 yachts on a platform for water skiing and surfing, showcasing a mix of water sports.
Twelve GS22 boats with a 6-liter PCM combustion engine with 400 horsepower each carried 160 liters of fuel; But the thirteenth was different from them. The GS22E is powered by a 220 kW electric motor (295 hp) and a 124 kWh battery that takes about 10 hours to charge with a 50V 240V socket. The battery weighs 500 kg and thus brings the total weight of the boat to 2676 kg.

ferry Switch Maritime The first passenger boat with a hydrogen fuel cell

Switch sailing company is producing the world’s first passenger or ferry boat with hydrogen fuel cell, 98% of which has been completed so far. Is strengthened. This boat is the first model in its class and works with a hydrogen tank for two days
The hull of the boat is made of marine grade aluminum and is capable of carrying 84 people. Two 300 kW electric motors (equivalent to 400 hp) bring the boat to a top speed of 22 knots (41 km / h). The boat carries about 246 kg of gaseous hydrogen in its tank, which is compressed at a pressure of 250 bar or 3600 psi. A large PEM electric cell converts hydrogen gas into 360 kW of electrical energy and sends it to a 100 kWh lithium battery. A total of 246 kg of hydrogen is converted to 3.8 MWh of energy, so each kg of hydrogen is converted to 33.6 kWh of energy, and since fuel cells are up to 50% efficient, only half of it is converted to energy. This amount of hydrogen is enough for two days of boat operation.

Blue Manta5 Hydrofoil Electric Bicycle

The device was first introduced in 2017 and was unveiled at CES 2020, and since New Zealand was free of coronavirus and Covid19 virus, but the Northern Hemisphere became infected, its distribution program in The destination countries were stopped and the mass production project was stopped until recently.
This bike is made of marine grade aluminum and fiber crane so that its body is light and floats on water. This electric boat with electric motor is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 22 km / h and with the auxiliary system of the pedal provides 4.5 hours of riding time for the user. The pedal offers the same as ordinary electric bicycles. During the testing phase, this bike covered 26 kilometers with a single battery charge. Price $ 9,000

Racebird E1 Series Electric racing hydrofoil boat

In 2023, Formula E-style electric boat racing is also scheduled to be held on the water. The Racnbird motor boat design has been introduced in the form of an electric hydrofoil that will enable formula races on the water without emitting polluting gases. An electric version of the F1420 was introduced to participate in the competition, which was approved by the International Motorboat Racing Association (UIM). These types of boats rise about 40 cm above the water level to almost eliminate the force of perception and seem to fly on the water. Racabird boats have a carbon fiber hull and two sides at the sides that fold under the hull to form hydrofoils at the front of the boat. Also a fin on There is a rear side and a tail for the boat that turns into the back hydrofoil of the boat. The cabin of a boat is completely closed like a racing petrol boat, so it looks like a cruise ship. The upper body with wings is 7 meters long and 3 meters wide and weighs about 800 kg, which is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 50 knots. It is equivalent to 93 kilometers per hour. This is while the F1H20 class motor boat version has a long distance of 250 km / h. Production of this electric boat will begin in 2022, and twelve different teams are working to develop and produce it until the first E1 Series competition is held in early 2023.