Innovations in the world of cycling

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German company Silverback has added a new Metro model to its S-Electro family. This bike is designed for comfort and efficiency, which includes an integrated lock on the rear wheels. The frame of the bicycle body is made of aluminum alloy with hydroform technology. In the front front and rear wheels, the ability to install fenders and straps for carrying cargo is provided. The 504-watt-hour lithium-ion battery is located in the lower tube of the body frame, which can be detached for charging at home, and with each charge, it travels 30 to 100 kilometers, depending on the ride assist level, riding style and type of route. A 250-volt electric motor With three auxiliary modes, the pedal has a torque of 60 Nm, which is designed according to the European standard for a maximum speed of 25 km / h The millimeter travels smoothly along the path. A color display on the steering wheel displays ride information such as speed, distance and battery charge. The Metro bike has 29-inch alloy wheels.

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Startup Blix has built a new version of its electric bicycle with a powerful 750-watt electric motor in the rear wheel hub, which is powered by two batteries. This bike is capable of carrying 90 kg of cargo, which is equipped with a seven-speed gear system. The bicycle frame is of a type that provides comfortable riding and disembarkation for short and tall people, and its low center of gravity provides good handling in urban areas. Blix has designed an integrated cargo system including cargo, sidewalls and racks that mount to the front and rear of the bike in 200 different combinations. The headlights and taillights and brake lights are fitted with anti-puncture Kevlar tires, and a gas system on the steering wheel adjusts the pedal assist selection mode. Hydraulic disc brakes power stop They provide convenience even in rainy weather, and an automatic system shuts off the engine when the driver presses the tremor lever to protect the driver from any unwanted forward movement. The power of the motor is provided by a pair of 614 watt-hour batteries that are located in the bar under the seat and are charged in 6 hours, and with each charge of two batteries, they travel a distance of 128 km.

Ultima XS

Startup EV Canada in Vancouver, Canada has introduced a bicycle whose body frame is made of aluminum albase and produced by hydroform technology and no welding can be seen at the junction of the frame components. The bike has features such as AK camera, Bluetooth speaker, lithium battery. Smart LED headlights and taillights, rearview mirror, frame chain lock, dual-suspension suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, 20-inch alloy wheels, 1.95-inch-thick tires and three-speed gearbox. The detachable 36-volt / 8.5-amp LG lithium battery is located on the top bar of the body frame, and the 240-watt 36-volt electric motor is mounted in the center of the rear hub. One charge allows 30 to 40 km.
In the SE package, compared to the basic version, GPS, helmet, backpack, electric talisman, tool box, three-liter load box and a power bank are offered to customers.

Amo MV Agusta

Professional motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta has announced that it has entered the electric transport space by producing a pair of electric bicycles called the Amo RC and Amo RR. These bikes are designed and engineered in Italy, with a 250-watt electric motor to meet EU standards, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Interestingly, there are no gas buttons or suspension on the handlebars of these bikes, and both versions with aluminum alloy body frame and carbon fiber double-handled handle weigh 15 kg. There is only one button on the top of the body frame tube to turn on and select the driving assist level, and a 250-watt-hour battery is located in the bottom tube of the body frame, which travels 75 km on a full charge.

Fiido X

This bike with adjustable battery in the seat bar has a keyless safety system and torque-sensitive distance. There are two versions of this bike, X and X Lite, both of which are designed similar to last year’s D11 model of this company, but there are several differences between them. Both versions have a magnesium alloy frame, while the D11 frame is made of only 3 kg of aluminum frame مدل model, and its folding mechanism is made using the deformation of the aviation grade body. It weighs. In normal condition, its dimensions are 100 ۸ 58 × 150 cm and in folded state it is 59 × 40 × 84 cm. The bike is powered by an electric motor with a torque of 40 Nm, which with a torque sensor system and a seven-speed gearbox provides a maximum speed of 25 km / h for the bike. LED lights are embedded in the frame and an LCD display provides the required information. If you forget to lock the bike, a security code with a smart code will lock it from the mobile phone.