Innovations in the world of motorcycles

Apex H2 Segway futuristic motorcycle with hydrogen fuel

Sogway – Ninebot has announced that it is building a sports motorcycle with hydrogen fuel at an incredible price. The company has recently entertained itself by designing sporty and functional motorcycles to take advantage of the production and sale of its low-cost electric scooters, which are mainly sold in China.
The Apex motorcycle was introduced in 2019, which was a super scooter with an electric battery and a completely strange appearance that was able to reach a speed of 200 kilometers per hour with aerodynamic flaps. The Apex H2, which will be powered by an electric-hydrogen hybrid drivetrain, will be available from around 2023. Hydrogen is stored as a gas in special tanks that are converted into electrical energy by a fuel cell and fed into a battery.
This electrical energy amplifies an electric motor that drives the rear wheel. An exhaust pipe is installed in front of the rear wheel from which only water vapor comes out. Power output is 80 hp, capable of reaching speeds of up to 150 km / h and acceleration from zero to one hundred. Provides less than 4 seconds for the motorcycle. What makes this bike look futuristic is the lack of two steering arms and front suspension, and due to the one-way swing arm and the hidden design of the single shock absorber, the front wheel seems to be suspended in the air. At the rear, there is a swing arm with a suspension for the suspension. Both wheels have a cover on the right. Density hydrogen has more energy than a lithium battery and travels longer distances on a single charge.

CCM Maverick for city and desert traffic

British motorcycle manufacturer CCM is building a motorcycle called Maverick based on Spitfire, a version that, in addition to urban use, can also be used in the desert. The company has not made any changes to the original concept, as the use of the same familiar steel tube frame, crankshaft steel swing arm and propulsion from Hesquarna are part of the company’s plan to build the Maverick.
The Heskuarna is powered by a 600 cc motorcycle that produces 55 horsepower and 50 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm.
The Maverick motorcycle has 19-inch wheels at the front and 17-inch wheels at the rear Haan Racing fins are equipped with sporty and wide tires. To increase the distance from the ground for off-road surfing, the manifold has been modified and the rear muffler has been raised, and the exhaust with twin mufflers has CNC-cut caps.
A 320 mm disc for the brakes At the front and a 240 mm disc at the rear, it provides a stop. The seat height is 830 mm and its nylon fuel tank has a capacity of 14 liters of gasoline and its net weight is 145 kg. For buyers, emerald green or matte black is available, both of which feature fiberglass fronts, chestnut-colored saddles, and black plating rods.

Tarform Luna New version of electric racing

The American company Tarform has recently released the Cafe Racer version of its Luna electric motorcycle, which is not much different from the original version of its Scrumbler. Both have a futuristic look and the same price, and both are equipped with a 55-horsepower electric motor and an 11.8 kWh battery and weigh 200 kg.
They differ more in appearance; The racer version uses street tires and its seat is about 4 cm lower and has a street suspension system. The round headlight in the Scrumbler version has been replaced with a beautiful aerodynamic piece. The battery box has several curved lines and has a different look. The Luna Racer version uses the same machined metal as the scrambler frame, but in the Racer version the black bars of the frame are plated along with the swing arm, mirror base and traffic light base. The attractive digital dashboard of this motorcycle is embedded inside the steering wheel, keyless starter, 180 degree rear view camera and blind spot display system, brake with energy recovery system, Bluetooth connection, three riding modes and a 3.5 kW charger. They are motorcycles

Piaggio One electric scooter


Built under the seat. The new Piaggio One electric scooter features a keyless starter system, digital display, a low seat, a spacious footrest and a compartment.
The One electric motorcycle comes with several power selection modes and different battery capacities, and all types of batteries are detachable for easy charging, such as lithium-ion batteries, which are charged in six hours. This scooter has two LED headlights with daylight system and taillights and LED traffic lights. There are two shock absorbers at the rear and one shock absorber at the front, and the stopping power comes from the disc brake system. Scooter One has a digital display on the steering wheel. It automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the ambient light. For this smart electric scooter, a software is installed on the mobile phone that provides features such as remote tracking, troubleshooting, navigation system and anti-theft system. Price less than $ 7300

Nawa Racer is the first concept supercharged hybrid motorcycle

The concept motorcycle of the French company Nawn used a distance of about 180 km using a 9 kWh lithium battery and a full charge, and now the manufacturer will increase this distance to about -km by adding a 0.1 kWh supercharger. The lower part of the body of the motorcycle contains a 9 kWh lithium battery and the upper part of the body carries a 0.1 kWh supercharger that can increase the length of the city’s distance. Supercapacitors may not store a lot of energy in terms of weight and volume, but a 0.1 kWh supercharger is about the size of the total 9 kWh battery in the Raor, but can charge and discharge lithium batteries much faster.