Innovations in the world of photography

Zeiss ZX1


The Zoiss 2×1 Lens and Camera is the first digital camera with Adobe Lightroom Mobile that allows you to take photos, edit photos and upload images with one device. It has a 37.7-megapixel full-frame sensor, a 35mm F2 fixed lens, and a 4.4-inch display, the largest screen on a digital camera today. The LCD screen has a resolution of 2.76 million dots and the lens has a coverage of 3. Zeiss EV Electronic viewfinder (EVF) with a magnification of 0.74 times has 22.6 million dots. The maximum shutter speed is 1.2000 seconds and Autofocus system (84) is available with mode and contrast detection. 48 video quality at 30 frames per second or 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second. The connection is provided by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and the internal SSD memory is 512 GB, along with the external memory using the USB-C connection. In addition to installing the Lughtroom software that makes this camera special and unique, the ZX1 has the fewest physical control buttons.

Fjorden | IPhone to Camera Converter

Ever since smartphones replaced cameras. We are witnessing an increase in the number of devices that make mobile phones more and more similar to cameras. One of these new items is a device from the Norwegian company Fjorden, which is so narrow that it fits in a pocket. Other products, such as Pictar and LiveAction, include a knob that attaches to the user’s smartphone, and the push-button buttons on the knob allow the user to take a photo while holding the phone and adjust the camera with one hand. No need to touch or tap the mobile screen. Such devices increase the thickness of the mobile phone and make it not fit in the largest pockets. This is where the Fjorden device comes in handy. Invented by Norwegian entrepreneur Victor Henning, the Fjorden is a 10.7 mm thick device that is glued to the back of the user’s iPhone or frame with a special adhesive and installed on the phone by the Forden camera application software via Bluetooth. It has two push buttons, a calibrated plate and a handle at the top. One of the buttons is a two-step shutter that presses halfway to focus the lens and full pressure causes the shot to be taken. The other button can be programmed to perform different uses, such as switching between the settings menu.

Fujifilm X100V


This camera has a 23 mm F2 lens and is equipped with an advanced near-focus function system, and for the first time in the Fuji X100 series, it is possible to take pictures even in the most difficult conditions with a lens protector for inclement weather. This camera produces high quality images and videos with built-in flash and movie simulation system. The 1.26-megapixel sensor on the back of the camera and the powerful quad-core CPU and the precise operation of its autofocus (AF) system lead to excellent image quality. Two ways to see and find images on camera There is an optical imaging system (CVF) with 0.52x magnification and a Paralax correction frame and an electronic imaging system (EVF) or OLED screen with a resolution of 3.6 million pixels that allows you to see the image at the same time shooting. . There is a touch screen on the back of the camera. This remote is capable of producing video files with a quality of 98 or 30 frames per second, and slow-motion shooting with FullHD quality and a speed of 120 frames per second is provided. USB-C and HDMI ports are installed to connect to a computer.

SONY Cyber ​​- Shot RX100 VII

Sony’s new 100-RX Cyber-Shot Series Camera is built using the features and technologies of the Sony A8 Series Full-frame Mirrorless Camera. This camera is suitable for those photographers who want to take professional pictures. Its performance and speed are the same as the 88 series, and the autofocus (AF) system is calculated 60 times per second. Its BIONZ X image processor with internal flash is available and the face and eye recognition system is intended for humans and animals. Zeiss’s new dType.1 CMOS sensor and 24 F2 8 – F4.5 up to 200mm magnification zoom lens are available. Its video quality is AK HDR quality with HL.G with eye detection system in motion mode while shooting and 4k Active SteadyShot quality in portrait mode. Price.

Nikon Z fc

This camera has features in common with the 250 model, but useful features have been added to it. The camera frame is made of dustproof and waterproof magnesium alloy and has the same CMOS image sensor with a quality of 20.9 megapixels or 23.5 x 7.15 mm and a 6 Expeed processor in the 250 model. Users can take continuous shots at 11 frames per second with full light sensitivity resolution of ISO100 to 51300, eye recognition system is provided even for animals – even now. The autofocus system is active during both photography and filming. K UHD video images are 2160 x 3840 pixels at 30 frames per second or Full HD at 120 frames per second for slow motion mode. There are stereo microphones with the ability to install external microphones in this camera. It weighs 390 grams and has a 3-inch LCD touch screen with the ability to change the angle behind the camera.