Innovations in the world of smart watches

The Amazfit brand is now well known as a low-end watch brand. This watch monitors your heart rate and blood oxygen level, tracking your location via GPS. Sleep monitoring is also included and is smart enough that it can automatically detect when you wake up.
This watch is more for tracking health and sports activities. Its 1.65-inch AMOLED display is clear and bright, with a body made of aluminum alloy and curved glass, has a beautiful appearance and is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters.
This watch for sports activities from Running, treadmill work, cycling, swimming, skiing, gymnastics, dancing, water sports and martial arts have a good performance in entering time and results. In total you have 60 different sports to choose from and a free training There is also. This watch can track the user’s sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen and other items. This watch will even combine different criteria to assess the user’s stress during the day, and there is also a personal activity talent control (P18) in this watch, which aims to provide a summary of a person’s health. With this watch, you have access to basic needs such as alerts, timers and weather forecasts. Battery life is also relatively good, and with the always-on mode on, the GTS 20’s battery life is reduced by about 25 percent every 24 hours, so you can use it for about four days, while the manufacturer has 24 days of battery life. Noted however, it has features and control sensors that seem to operate more accurately and precisely. Your choices for that color will be black with a black strap, a silver cover with a green strap and a gold cover with a light purple strap.

Applied Apple Watch


The IL Series 7 smartwatch includes a flat case, similar to the case of the iPhone 12 or iPad Pro, and the manufacturer has used a new two-way system to reduce the size of the processor. The smaller 57 processor makes it possible to increase the internal space to install a larger capacity battery by adding additional health sensors. IL Company promotes the battery life of the 7 Series up to 18 hours, which is determined all day based on 90 times of time control, 90 Siamak notifications and 45 minutes of use of applications and a 60-minute exercise by playing music via Bluetooth. has done . Rival smartwatches tend to introduce their multi-day battery life as a convenient feature. In addition to possible battery upgrades, the watch is expected to feature improved wireless connectivity, a U1 Ultra Widsharid chip, thinner bezels around the screen, and the use of a new method that brings the screen closer to the watch glass. To benefit.



To measure blood oxygen levels

This new smartwatch comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 x 244 pixels and its 46 mm round frame is made of stainless steel. Next to the watch case, there are two buttons to adjust the operating system, which is not the Wear OS of Google. OnePass company has built-in custom operating system that can show calls and notifications from your Android phone, which is compatible with phones. IOS will be available soon. The OnePlus watch is able to track a user’s heart rate, stress level, blood oxygen level and sleep level. It also has GPS, but without a phone nearby it can not make phone calls alone. It has 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory and has the IP68 sound standard and can last up to 10 minutes at a depth of 50 meters. The OroPlus watch can act as a remote control for the OnePlus TV, and even if it detects that you are asleep, it turns off the TV automatically. The battery lasts for a maximum of 14 days on a single charge; But if GPS is constantly on, the charge will be reduced to 25 hours

Mobvoi TicWatch E3


For health and fitness

Google has promised significant improvements to its Wear OS for smartwatches, but Mobvoi has introduced a new watch that could be the best smartwatch on the market, which should ensure good battery performance and durability. Mobvoi says it will take you at least a day between charges. This watch has a 1.3 inch screen, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory.
Health and fitness is one of the priorities of this watch, which has a large number of sensors and applications, blood oxygen level, heart rate and heart rate variability, maximum VO2 (oxygen consumption), sleep quality, respiration rate, stress level and even head and Measures ambient sound and there are over 20 practice modes to choose from,


Recharge once for 3 weeks

If you are looking for a watch to track exercise, running, exercise, health, sleep and much more, there is no fitness tracker like this to choose from. Launched three years after the launch of the Coros PACE version, this watch has several features that make you choose it more than its competitors. First of all, it is very light and economical, the second reason is to buy it, because it is cheaper than smart watches in the market. The third factor is battery life. If you use GPS, you can use it for more than a day, otherwise you will have about three weeks to charge. This smartwatch tracks a set of health criteria such as heart rate, fatigue, climbing height, endurance training, running, swimming, cycling, sleep, recovery time and more, and has more than 200 workouts already loaded on it. . There are two physical buttons on the side of the watch case, which turn one of the buttons to open the device and its screen. GPS tracking seems accurate, you can track running performance, 702 (oxygen consumption), heart rate, total exercise load seven days a week and many other metrics. This watch has a waterproof feature at a depth of 50 meters. When a text message arrives, you will see it on the screen. 4 times more than the previous version