Mitsubishi Senior Designer’s point of view and innovations of Outlander and other future products

The introduction of the latest model of Mitsubishi Outlander 2022 has met with positive reactions because Mitsubishi and its head of design department have tried to find a suitable replacement for a towed car that lacks any visual and dynamic attraction.
In 2016, Nissan took a risk by acquiring a majority stake in Mitsubishi and turning it into an ally of Nissan Renault. According to Mr. Watanabe, Mitsubishi’s head of design at the time, they were told that Mitsubishi, which has a reputation for producing SUVs, would regain its position and gain experience in producing four-wheel drive. And plug-in hybrid technology will be shared with the group. Mitsubishi products have since used the technical architecture in the group, and the first attempt to make a partial improvement was the Outlander, which used the Nissan Rouge Rug platform. In this regard, a conversation was held with Mr. Saiji Watanabe, which we will discuss below. At the 2017 Tokyo International Auto Show, Mitsubishi unveiled a concept model called the e-Evolution, which was a crossover that reflected Mitsubishi’s orientation for the company’s future plans. That design was in fact the forerunner of the Outlander 2022, which was recently introduced to the market.

Mitsubishi Outlander 2022 The beginning of a new wave

Watanabe says Mitsubishi is not just a brand to produce the SUV because it currently has a compact pickup truck in its lineup for the rest of the world and still continues to produce and sell the 78-horsepower Mirage model in Japan, in addition to There are several sizes of SUVs in the product list, but do not expect to see the return of the Evo, Eclipse or the next generation Mirage to the Mitsubishi product line.
Of course, Mr. Watanabe considers the possibility of producing a Mitsubishi pickup truck probable and under study. Mitsubishi’s previous van was the Dodge Dakota-based Raider, which was discontinued in 2009.
The designer does not say that he intends to revive the Pajero Mantro (called the Mantro in America) with a new SUV, and in response to a question he says you can imagine it. The company’s current officials have said in the past that Pajero (Mantro) will return, but today the prospect does not seem very real. The Pajero Mantro has been on sale in North America since 2006 and will be discontinued this year as part of a reduction in the effects of Covid-19. Asked how to do design work within the union, Watanabe said he was working to ensure that each body maintained its strengths in terms of appearance, technology and performance in designing and building a new model. Interview with Mr. Alfonso Albaysa, Chief Designer of Nissan, and Mr. Dan. The aim of the union is to make a partnership with the aim of reducing costs while maintaining the independent and specific characteristics of each brand.