New developments in the US Air Force

802 – AT Langsward

U.S. officials say two 21-B intercontinental stealth bombers are off the production line and preparing to fly for testing, which is expected to be officially unveiled next year. The previous estimate of the need for 100 B-21s to replace 60 B-1s and 20 B-2s has been increased to at least 154 to maintain dominance over Russia and China.

– Missile carrier

In the next year’s budget, $ 48 million to investigate the new project, aimed at deploying special forces to the Earth’s orbit of land and landing at any point of land with a few times, such as Falcon, less than one American, increases the speed of special forces, so that if the project is operational, the speed of their deployment to the regions

– Project Sky Borg

This artificial intelligence can handle several armed drones under the command of a manned fighter for various missions. For example, the F35 pilot will order defense suppression to the UA by steering with artificial intelligence to act independently. Skieburg is a branch of the British Monsooni project, which can be implemented on a variety of walkari and made by Bae for America. The basis of Mobskito, artificial intelligence with the trustworthiness of the fighter fighter to 20th-driven drone drives simultaneously guided the phase of a (artificial intelligence development), and BAE is building the first UAV, which is tested from 2023. This will be one of the foundations of the sixth generation fighter.

– Air Wicked

The Air Force has said the long-range air hunting history with an Ammmer Mocket against the UAV, Ryton also told 2022 new 260-AIM missiles and operations in 2026. This is an alternative to Amram, but for the installation of more in the fighter fighter fighter atrium, there are fewer dimensions and much more. Also, the Air Force is delivered to the first laser weapon of air stripes designed as a pod for F15 and F16 and has 10 kilometers.

– Miss Dragon

The 12th aircraft has first created a long-range communication relay between 35 – F and 22-F, which is critical when it is not able to access the satellite or high risk of launch, almost all US air power-based war-based and share, so they have several backup maps.
It also investigates the bid of £ 8/8 million BAE to upgrade and increase U2’s life until his life will be renewed for another 30 years. No details are not known. But it includes artificial intelligence to reduce the pilot’s tasks. The United States has 31 companies 2-U operations and is not a plan to replace them.

The heaviest loading fighter

Recently, the F-15E was armed with 5 JASSM cruise missiles, which has a 450 kilogram cap and a range of 370 or 900 kilometers. Starac Icel with this load, comparable to the bomber and severe threat to defense. Shoot outside the boundary of the target country. Some enthusiasts think the passenger fighter is completed while today’s long jets can carry a large number of long-range weapons of f-15e holders can carry 20 SDB pumps with a range of 70 to 120 kilometers or 5 cruise missiles. While


The United States wants to replace the 9-MQ turboprop with jet. Riper is strong and has different ammunition, but the air force wants to replace it against the modern defense network, doing the enemy’s depths of the enemy influence and suppression of defense, they intend to buy a thousand drives over the next ten years, which should also do a part of the aggressive mission. General General Atomic has installed L.Egicon oversight on Oanner. This pod that is also in the fighters is with a thermal camera of a range of 100 kilometers, air and superficial goals. Installing on the Oanner to nest image exchange with jet jets for common operation. The JSOW-ER bomb was tested with a 560-kilometer range on Oanner, which is the longest weapon of a UAV so far and enters them into a Drysta invasion phase against strategic goals.
The squadron of the Special Air Force operations will soon use a new UAV with a very low volatile sound in the Middle East. Pipsterell’s civilian pipster-based civilian aircraft, with a drone, has 30 hours and 6,000 kilometers. This is specifically for a very small voice in the civilian part, and now it’s playing a role in advanced electropathetic equipment. Recently, the Walcari UAV has launched a suicide version of Altius with a range of 130 kilometers. This paver is a suicide launch of another UAV. Altyius has a 3/1 kg warhead and shot from the carriage, Black Hawk and UAV atrium.
The United States did the first test of UAVs for 2 hours by the 22-UTAP aircraft. (Artificial intelligence is installed on any drone.) During the test, it was thrown from the ground and took over the dangers. In front of defense, the electronic war was simulated and carried out the necessary maneuvers with artificial intelligence. The pattern of navigation was smart and reached the goal. Then, according to the threat and navigation map, he returned from a different path of safe route and trained like pilot. The Air Force said another step to a fully automated bird that does not need to guide anyone has recently been installed and launched and launched under the F-15C wings.

– Hercules armed

Squadron Special Operations Air Force (130-AC delivered to replace old types. Multiple electrostatic sensors, 105 and 30 mm balls, Helfire missiles, Greefier and SDB bombs. Recently, the C130 Transportation Aircraft

– Pilot’s color vision

Nortrupon announced the delivery of the 4th generation of Lightning target pods, featuring full-color filming for the first time. This podes show up to 3 different views with coincidence and thermal view. That is, the pilot sees the color and thermal film at different angles. Color filming is a clearer image of the war space to pilot and make targeting faster and more accurate, capable of recording all sensors for post-mission analysis. There is also a safe mode for the eye to provide better training when applying laser. Lightning is the construction of Raphael to identify, target, target, guide the weapons and navigation. The most advanced and most widely used component is shipped by a variety of fighters and bombers in different countries. The light of Thwor and Raphael build more than 900 lighting, and thanks to the design of the modular, each one can be upgraded to the latest version.