New technology for DML lights

Audi is using the new Digital Matrix Light (DML) system in the production of its day-to-day cars, such as the E-tron. DML lights, each of which uses 1.3 million micro-mirrors, act like a movie projector, emitting millions of light particles into space. Promises the driver and the lighting, and when parked, wishes the driver, passengers and pedestrians a happy ending when the car is turned off. In addition to the graphic applications mentioned above, this system promises driving pleasure and utilization of different functional capabilities: spreading a 50-meter optical carpet in front of the driver’s eyes on the lane and along the lane by changing the direction of the steering, which prevents this effect. Blind spot in the face of cars and obstacles in front of the capability The focus of the low light curve is exclusively on the items of people who are standing in the dark on the opposite side of the road or even on the side of the road and can not be detected with ordinary light. سازد. Display of light flashes on the ground that helped drive in the right lane. Although this system is not yet feasible for many automakers, Audi intends to make arrangements to meet the comfort and safety of its non-European customers.