Novità e innovazioni dei produttori mondiali di autocarri

Scania won its fifth consecutive Green Truck race. Success in the competition tests of this competition, which is held by two prestigious German publications, has reached the level of world championship in the field of transport efficiency in recent years. This year, the tests were held on a 360-kilometer route north of Munich, with a gross weight of 32 tons and a maximum power of 430 horsepower. The Scania R410 tractor outperformed its fierce competitors with an average consumption of 53.23 liters per 100 kilometers, while also achieving the highest average speed of 60.80 kilometers per hour. The Green Tnuck test features the same conditions in terms of weather, traffic and even the tires used for all participants. The ability to deliver the most efficient trucks is part of Scania DNA. Winning this test for 5 consecutive periods was almost impossible when Scania managed to create this masterpiece.
Scania offers longer cabins with longer lengths The R and S series cabins can be ordered with an extra 270 mm in length. The CR23 and CS23 cabins experience a 13% increase in space, and for these cabins you can use beds with a width of 1000 cm
The European Trucking Association (ETRC) and Iveco have extended their partnership until the end of the 2023 season. Ioko will be the official partner of the European Truck Championships for the next three seasons. To that end, Ioko has equipped the S-Way NP with two 540-liter tanks that hold at least 390kg of fuel, allowing the truck a range of 1,600km.
The FIA ​​Europearn Truck starts in June in Hungary. The ETRC Association intends to become a platform for launching sustainable technologies in the road transport industry.
Imagine what happens when two innovative companies in the world come together to overcome a major challenge? The ultimate goal of the collaboration between CNH Industrial and Nikola Corporation is the development and production of a complete line of zero-emission heavy trucks. CNH commercial vehicle and transmission manufacturers Iveco and FPT have been working with Nikola since 2019 with the aim of developing and deploying Class 8 heavy trucks.
Nikola Tro electric trucks are manufactured at the Aboko facility in Ulm, Germany as a joint venture between Nikola and CNH. Recently, pictures of the presence of this electric truck in Europe have been published, which show that it is possible to offer this product jointly in both North American and European markets.
ZF recently launched its most advanced independent emergency brake for commercial vehicles in China. The OnGurdMAX system automatically detects, classifies and responds to moving, stationary vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. The introduction of this system is a result of the WABCO purchasing strategy. Next year, the system will be used in two models of China’s most prominent trucks
ZF has also announced the signing of a long-term agreement with Goodyear to bring together advanced fleet management solutions to reduce fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions. This partnership will be known as the Transies brand. The partnership between ZF and Goodyear, with the vast expertise and capability that both industry leaders have in mind, is, of course, highly anticipated. Dad
Truck buyers in Europe can now buy their second-hand Volvo trucks with a new second-hand truck shopping platform launched by Volvo Trucks. This website is operated by Volvo Trucks itself. The platform delivers estimated trucks a year to customers anywhere in the world, and provides packages such as service and maintenance contracts as well as financial solutions such as installment purchases for customers. Volvo second-hand truck sales in the world are about 15,000 to 20,000 unitsIt is estimated in years
Demand for the Volvo VNR Electric killer is growing. California-based logistics company CCD has ordered 14 units from Volvo, the largest order for Volvo 8-class tractors. Volvo has also announced the delivery of three all-electric trucks to its European customers, one of them a Volvo FM Electric killer, delivered to DFDS, which is Volvo’s own transport and logistics contractor; This deadly truck has to travel 120 kilometers a day using its 350-kilowatt DFDS charging station at its warehouse in Gothenburg.
Your largest British manufacturer used a 16-ton Renault all-electric truck in its fleet. he does .
Wico Introduces Second Generation S-Way with New Engine Set and Advanced Performance
Evo 490 B – Wwy is introduced as the TCO champion by improving the aerodynamic coverage of the 8-column and the new transmission shaft ratio of 31.2: 1. The most powerful version has 530 horsepower.
The highlight of the new generation S-Way includes the IVECO Driver Pal, which is referred to as the real Game Changer. This system enables the driver to communicate with his vehicle, its various control systems, woco Room and all fleet management functions using voice commands by Amazon Alexa MYIVECO. Not only can they activate in-cab controls and enjoy entertainment, but they can also use the navigation system to plan their maneuver, check the health of the vehicle and score a driving style assessment. This system will exchange messages with other drivers on its way closer to the destination. They can share useful travel information and support each other. IVECO Trucking is offering a new and groundbreaking service that provides complete comfort to the driver and fleet owner in the event of an accident or other vehicle problem. The driver can activate IVECO Top Cares through IVECO Driver Pal, alert to the nearest IVECO workshop and configure the item quickly. If the vehicle does not return to the road within six hours, Ioko will offer an innovative driver service. This is a free transfer. Accommodation and, if necessary, medical assistance.