Proper placement of the “training triangle” in the corona

Believe it or not, three semesters have passed since the first day we advanced the training virtually. It was the first week of February 2017 that face-to-face classes were slowly and sometimes hesitantly transferred to WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., and gradually, systems were defined by educational centers around the world to be the beginning of online teaching. A space where there was no physical presence. This method gradually became widespread in our country for most of the educational levels. At first, it was thought that with the end of February and the beginning of the summer season, the prevalence of coronation would diminish and we would return to the previous teaching routine with the coming of autumn, but destiny was different. The second and third semesters came and went and there was no news of face-to-face teaching. These days, many professors and students are asking if we will experience a non-online presence again next semester. Some believe that even with the departure of Corona, the teaching method will not return to the old routine, because in addition to the disadvantages of the online method, there are advantages to it.
Virtual education, like any emerging phenomenon, has many advantages and disadvantages that we inevitably get used to by entering it, whether as a teacher or a student. Less travel, personal growth and development, and three along with disadvantages such as lack of high-speed Internet access throughout the country, lack of familiarity of students with educational software, lack of familiarity of teachers and professors with online teaching methods, reduced academic motivation, reduced tolerance threshold Families, lack of suitable space for education in some homes, unavailability of phones, tablets and laptops, especially for the low-income segment of society, etc.
Over time and gaining experience in this way, we overcame some problems and sometimes faced new problems, such as holding entrance exams, holding regular exams and controlling the exam space during the session, the beginning of the school year for students who are in their first year of school And … it seems that gradually, the definition of new mechanisms came to the aid of teachers, but unfortunately day by day the concern of science learners and consequently teachers faded.
The end of the road is unknown. We do not know when we will sit at the desk and the benefits of educational centers again and experience the presence, but we must always keep in mind an important point; It does not stay that way and it will not stay that way!
We have seen many ups and downs in our lives, from war to sanctions, from earthquakes to floods, but they all went and ended, and this only happened with the help of a merciful God and prudence and patience. These days, we are being tested in a different way, and we have to be patient and follow the protocols, helping each other to lighten the difficult burden of my days.

Talking to great teachers and professors:

As mentioned, we are witnessing more and more diminishing of academic attitudes on the part of learners, a dullness that, of course, has also affected us as teachers. Instructors in addition to concernsIn their daily personal life, they should devote more and more energy to teaching so that this distance from the real educational environment does not harm the quality of teaching. One of the points that causes the power of the teaching staff to decrease. Students are expected to answer course questions during informal class hours. The former of each class had a specific start and end time, and at the end of the class, the remaining questions remain for the next session. But these days, in addition to pupils and students, sometimes the administrative staff expects the teacher to be accountable at different times. This has doubled the difficulty, in addition to the fact that it accustoms the student not to be online during the official time of the class, and then to follow the contents of the telegram and … during the various hours.
However, it is our mission as a guide and elder, to find the solution and provide creative solutions to the audience, to restore the lost motivation, to be patient and to remind resilience to our young learners more than before. Also, by creating an atmosphere of love and friendship, understanding the situation of the student, not only with the right words, but also with proper behavior and good teaching time, we can reduce the difficulty. On the other hand, it is obligatory on the respected educational administrative staff of the country to show their goodwill in this challenging way before creating a suitable intellectual atmosphere for teachers. If you consider this way as a triangle, one side is the administrative staff, one side is the instructors and the other side is the learners, and this triangle is established on the right side when there is full cooperation between the parties.
The day is not far when we will stand and see that this hardship is over and we have become stronger than before. No matter how much we try and help each other in this field, it will not go far, because we will remember that the young people we teach today are doctors, engineers, designers, technicians and architects who will be in charge in the not too distant future. Had.