QX quadcopters made in UAE

Recently, EDGE Defense Group and ADASI Emirates Company unveiled the QX family of unmanned electric quadcopters at the Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition 2021 – IDEX, which is the product of their first year of operation. Some drones are now autonomous but still have work to do. The EDGE Group also marked a turning point in the integration and strengthening of the UAE’s artificial intelligence capabilities by launching the first UAE family of smart drones.

QX family

The developers did not limit themselves to one invention and offered a complete set with 4 systems. Micro drone 1.5, mini drone 2×2, small drone 2×3 and fixed wing drone, Ox4 flight vertical that has a range of 10 to 40 km and a flight duration of 20 to 90 minutes. Navigation is via GPS, but in areas where the satellite is down, it uses video navigation and gives soldiers a significant field advantage. The QX suite is not for ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) missions, but rather for destroying targets. The price has not been announced yet, but the manufacturer says it can compete in the international market. All x drones are built to launch in any environment or terrain and are lightweight and maneuverable by humans. They are easy to use and are set up and controlled by one person. The electric motor allows them to observe maximum silence in order to maintain the enemy’s defensive advantage. They are small in size and not easily seen. Ox is the result of the experiences of the Yemeni war from the clashes with the Ansara forces … in the mountains, the desert and the rural areas, and the propaganda films that were made for it clearly emphasize Yemen. The OX is a good example of the level and standard of a country’s official military quadcopter.

QX – 1

It is the smallest and only member of the family that does not have a separate bomb and explodes directly by hitting the target. The 1-0x weighs only 3 kilograms, contains 500 grams of explosives, and when folded, fits easily into a soldier’s backpack, so the operation unit can carry standard equipment when several soldiers are boulders or inside a cave by a sniper. Or the enemy sniper is trapped, with 1 – Qx they can easily save themselves. This memory has a very high accuracy in attacking fixed and moving targets. It is a light, multi-purpose, low-volume weapon that launches in one minute. The important feature of static flight also allows the detection and collision with the target within a few seconds. 1 – Qx for attack with minimal planning and operational focus by the user. The Gimbal electro-module (animated spherical set) also has a TV camera and night vision with HD resolution and high power to detect small and hidden targets in complex or urban war zones.


The QX family’s precision guidance system uses artificial intelligence software and sophisticated algorithms for targeting and attacking Defined by the human user through the control tool. This device can be used for all Qx applications. Lightweight, small and waterproof device that has a color display, two control knobs and several keys. Due to the intelligence of the system, the drones fly automatically and do not need much control.
The user only determines the overall route of the mission and is present in the conflict detection cycle. For example, it only points to the desired location on the screen. Behyad then organizes himself to be sent to the target point. Auto-flight modes include emergency return home, automatic take-off and landing, scheduled lane departure, aerial surveillance, auto-targeting, and on-site suicide.
You can also change the schedule or define a new target during the flight. They will be recovered after the canceled mission. Manual drones are also possible, and the user can perform all movements with the control handle. It is enough to have a little background about computer and after a few days of training, it is eligible for use. The range of possible error when hit is only one meter equivalent to laser guided ammunition.

QX – 2

This mini-drone is much larger than the suicide type and weighs 8 kg with a payload of 1.5 kg and carries a small guided bomb vertically under the fuselage. Stable flight altitude 305, maximum achievable altitude 610 meters, flight duration 30 minutes and range 20 km
During transport, like its predecessor, the salt arms and landing bases gathered under the body The rest of the face is opened manually. Unlike 1-OX, which is destroyed after an attack, this value allows you to collect information before and after the attack. 2 – Qx is able to lurk above the passage and easily destroy the enemy vehicle like an armed Toyota by dropping a bomb. While the user hides hundreds of meters away and monitors the process through the control tool display.


It is directed towards the goal. In manual mode also the user after throwing. The video shows the camera of the bomb on the screen of the control tool and is able to guide it at the same time as the handle. This bomb is effective in desert and urban areas and can destroy stationary and moving equipment with a precise attack. Therefore, in small battles, there is no need to call large fighters (aircraft) weighing 25.1 kg, which operate intelligently or manually. In the first case, the memory information is obtained by the electro-optical environment and given to specialized software. The processed information is then transferred to a bomb that, with its own electro-optical sensor, is not as intelligent as the Air Force heavy or large fixed-wing drone.

QX – 4

The largest member of the Ox family, based on a different fixed-wing design and a 7-shape twin-tail configuration, designed a vertical flight aircraft with a take-off weight of 20 kg, including a 5 kg payload in the form of 4 guided bombs under the wings. Stable flight altitude is one thousand, maximum achievable altitude is 2,000 meters, flight duration is 90 minutes and range is 40 kilometers. 4 – CX has a short body that ends, electric propeller motor installed under each wing is also a beam, the tip of each of which has a (4 in total) salt with electric motor. The ends of the beams are connected with a drop plate and the vertical rudders of the tail are located on its sides. The body is not connected. When taking off, the pole-tip motors are first activated to generate lifting force, and when it reaches the right height, the electric motor behind the fuselage is activated and the lift propellers are turned off to fly like a normal aircraft. Process B is also performed for landing. Speed ​​is not remembered as the carrier of the lifting salt, does not cause any significant delay, weighs very little and is easily transported by light vehicle. The electro-optical site is embedded under the watch and offers landing in the form of 4 fixed skids without wheels