Review of motorcycles available in the country market

Honda 150 ADV Model 2021

Fortunately, in the last few years, modern and up-to-date motorcycles, although very expensive and in small numbers, have entered our country’s market, and in the meantime, scooters for many reasons, such as not having a clutch, large pockets under the saddle, low consumption, riding Soft and comfortable, low engine noise and … have taken the pulse of the market. One of the newest scooters on the market is the Honda 150 ADV motorcycle. In the following, we will introduce this newcomer.
Honda with foresight and in order to control the market of developing countries, a competition for designing a functional scooter, with a forward-looking plan, between its various research and development teams It was held in different countries, and finally, the team with Thai experience won the design of this functional and adventure scooter and came up with the brand of 150 ADV. The result of this design was also the production of products that It was introduced in July 2019 and was launched in 2020.
This motorcycle is an artistic combination by the experienced Thai team of Honda from PCX and AFRICAN TWIN scooters, which Honda calls this new style CITY ADVENTURE.
Its beating heart is shared with the Honda 150 PCX due to its desirable, advanced and efficient engine, safe, smooth and low depreciation, and that is why we are dealing with an agile scooter. This engine weighs 133 kg, has good handling and riding. And it offers comfort. The 150 ADV automatic clutch also has a soft function and provides a mental ride to the rider. The gears are easily and without pause and quickly changed and the speed is changed to the rider’s liking. The chassis is in the form of a double cradle and is made of steel and is covered with an all-round hood for aesthetics and aerodynamics. Powerful and very functional shock absorbers of this scooter are made by SHOWA and in the front 31 mm and 119 mm PIGGY BACK oil on the back. Saddle
The saddle of the engine is also completely stretched, wide and soft and is suitable for long distances. Due to the sufficient knowledge of the Thai R&D team and familiarity with the target markets, the 150 ADV uses 14-inch wide tires at the front and 13-inch wide tires at the rear, which is desirable for rough roads and bumps and stability. Brings motion for 150 ADV. The tank of this scooter has a capacity of 8 liters and its average fuel consumption is 2.5 liters per door. Vehicles) Check sensor (will not turn on when the engine side jack is high) BREAK COMBI system 50% front brake with rear brake, 2 liter front console plus 12V output for charging mobile or navigation device and The compartment under the saddle is equipped with a volume of 27 liters and …. The front-facing console is digital and includes one hundred kilometers, like other Honda scooters, ADV daily calendar and moon, instantaneous display of fuel consumption, air temperature, instantaneous battery charge, speedometer, etc.

Trading in the motorcycle market

In today’s world, it is not really possible to imagine cities without the presence of motorcycles. Motorcycles have become an integral part of urban and rural life. Looking at the streets, this is quite obvious. Numerous reasons such as low maintenance costs, cheap prices, low fuel consumption, less parking space, higher operating speed, etc., compared to cars, have increased the popularity of motorcycles and their acceptance has increased, and this device Low-cost vehicles have taken their rightful place in our lives, which is why the engine has become a strategic commodity. The vast majority of motorcyclists are also relatively low-income people, some of whom work honorably. It has not been on it and has entered the prices without any fear and at its own discretion, and no reference is responsible for the violations of the rights of buyers and the weak and toiling strata of society in the matter.
On the subject of motorcycle prices, we sometimes see that even motorcycles are priced between 3 and 4 times the factory price in the country, which is really surprising and does not correspond to any logic. In such a market, buying a motorcycle, due to the income level of the poor, is not possible for many people. Reasonable to reach Iranian consumers. At the end, the prices of some motorcycles in the country’s market and their world prices are listed. It goes without saying that the factory prices on the site, global manufacturers, are retail prices, and importers will definitely buy motorcycles at lower prices due to bulk purchases. Prices are extracted from Alibaba india and bike india and the main site of global motorcycle manufacturers. Has been.