SpaceX and the construction of dedicated space ports in the ocean

The starship will be launched from the middle of the ocean


Sajjad Nimouri / Ilan Musk, CEO of private company spacex, confirmed that his company is building two spacecraft launch pads in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Following Spacox’s recent success in landing the SN15 spacecraft, the company is preparing to send another prototype of its spacecraft, the Starship, into orbit. The Spacox spacecraft is a reusable two-stage super-heavy launcher that Ilan Musk hopes to use to get humans to Mars in the near future.
Mr. Musk’s company has been renting spacex-specific facility facilities for launches and turning them into recurring space ports. It has been the spacecraft of the United States and others. Ilan Musk recently announced that he had purchased two unused oil rigs in the waters off the state of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico to get rid of the launch pad clutter And is turning them into a dedicated space port Spacex ..
The two space ports are named after the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Dimos. The first name means fear and the second is horror. The future will be ready for operation. There is no word yet on when Phobos will be ready. If all goes well, the two ocean platforms could be the launch site for a spacecraft that will take humans to Mars.
Ilan Musk has not yet announced the exact date of the Starship launch to Mars, but last October abandoned his initial estimates of doing so in 2022. He is now looking to 2024, which is the next opportunity because Earth and Mars are closest to each other every two years. Ilan Musk has officially announced that the Starsib rocket will be launched from the middle of the ocean next year. He announced on his Twitter account that he was working Construction of a SpaceX launch pad or space port in the ocean called Delmos is well under way. The launch pad is a marine structure that will act as an integral part of the Starship missile system.
Ilan Musk confirmed the existence and construction of the launch pad and endorsed the image a fan shared about his idea of ​​the launch pad, as Spacex successfully tested the latest prototype prototype rocket in Texas. This version became the first prototype to end its work without explosion, the company continues to develop this model of its missile.
The Earth and Mars orbit bring the planets closer together every two years, so three robotic missions to the planet, including NASA’s Endurance Rover and China’s Zhurong Rover, have been launched over the past few weeks. They were Mars
“I think we have a chance to fight, but for that to happen, the Spacex team has to move much faster,” Musk said of the 2024 landing on Mars. The first people to travel to Mars are not unlike those who first explored Antarctica.
However, a trip to Mars will certainly be dangerous, and our questions about this will increase with the launch of offshore platforms in 2022.