Sportster S Harley-Davidson with a different look

The Harley-Davidson Sportstor is not only one of the longest-running brands on the market, but is undoubtedly a symbol in the motorcycle world. Production of this model began in 1975 and continues uninterrupted until now, and its previous generations have been able to establish a strong foothold in the motorcycle culture due to their appearance, simplicity in personalization and reasonable price, and now the new generation Sportstor with The Sportster S has a different look and has undergone a major overhaul over its predecessors, and its engine is a 1352 cc water cooler.
After selling several thousand Sportslers and carrying more than 50,000 models between 2012-2017, which was mostly due to the power of design and technical heritage and innovation, now Harley-Davidson has changed the design of this model in general and for a price. It is estimated at about $ 15,000.
The new version was introduced as a concept model 3 years ago and there are many similarities between them, the most obvious of which is the compressed exhaust pipes that are located at the top of the motorcycle. Carefully lay out the large headlightIt is quite wide and of LED type, and the exhaust structure, which is in the form of 2-1-2, that is, two outlet pipes, which first turn into one pipe and finally branch into two pipes, reminds us of the 2018 Fat Bob model, which looks like The smaller model, according to Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson’s vice president of design, aims to come up with a bold, perhaps wild, designHas been to this model.
The engine produces 121 horsepower with 94 pound-feet of torque, and the diameter and stroke of the piston are the same in both models, but the compression ratio of the engine in the Model S is slightly lower, at 12 to one compared to 13 to one. The 12507 valves are smaller and the fuel ducts are more compact, and the design and shape of the combustion chamber have been changed to increase torque at low and medium revs, and is closer to a cruiser model. Contrary to initial expectations, the Model S is equipped with a variable time system for opening and closing valves, while repairingAnd it has become easier to maintain.
The rear wheel support arm is screwed directly to the back and top of the chassis, which reduces the weight of the motorcycle and increases strength, while also dramatically increasing its personalization potential. The new 4-inch TFT is prominent on the steering wheel, which is equipped with a navigation system and Bluetooth communication to accompany the mobile phone. Three modes of movement, Rond, Sport and Rain or Rain, are considered as standard. In addition to them, there are two modes that are perfectly suited to personal interests. Selection of different driving modes It is possible to adjust the performance of the anti-lock braking system in passing through the circle of turns.
Ergonomics and suspension on the new Sportster S seem to have a new and different message. Putting the foot controls in the forward position and the steering wheel in a different position for the rider Creates a seat so that the legs are fully extended in front of the knees and arms. Such a situation is not ergonomically such that the rider can change the way he sits on the seat in order to find a sporty state. The front and rear suspension systems are fully adjustable, leading to the amount of play and – they are limited so that the front is only 3.6 inches and the rear is only 2 inches.
The size of the wheel rim is 17 inches at the front and 16 inches at the rear, which is exactly what a cruiser needs. . This reflects the fact that such a model with such a large fuel tank volume can not inspire people who are looking for a serious Turing and travel model, but can be considered a platform for a significant hotel model in the future.
The commonalities of all Sport Ester models, which began production in 1957 and continued until 2020, are quite clear: the valve stem is located on top of a 45-cylinder engine with an air-cooled 45-degree angle and a tubular chassis. Steel, perfectly springsIt is clear that these features will no longer exist in 2021 because in the Sportster S model 2021, the chassis is a ladder and the angle of the cylinders relative to each other is 60 degrees and the engine is of cold water type, so this model is in a different group.
What Harley executives have planned for all 2021 models has been to equip them with a certain level of the latest innovations, but the factors that make the Sportster S attractive are more than that. EVD sports esters became a myth and a symbol because enthusiasts and home mechanics could change them to anything they wanted. For example, a sports ester can be turned into a racing model for Flat-Track racing at a cost of $ 1,500 and a week of mechanical work.

Technical specifications Sportster S

6-speed gearbox and power transmission by thermometer belt at the front of a 320 mm rotor with 4-piston caliper Radial brake at the rear of a 260 mm rotor with single-piston caliper 1519 mm front and rear wheelbase 1519 mm Motorcycle floor distance Tazmin: 93 Seat height: 72 mm Factory price $ 14,999