The best pilot hours in 2021

Pilot watches are equipped with special facilities and tools for flight and weather settings. These types of watches have the ability to display two different times from different time zones of the earth at the same time, and the user can see the official time of his country and the country he has traveled to on his watch at a time. In this article, we have introduced 5 watches of the best pilot watches in 2021.

Garmin D2 Air Aviator Pilot Smart Watch

The Garmin smartwatch has a beautiful touch screen that also has tools for setting pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight activities. It also allows pilots to adjust their flight based on visibility, cloud cover and wind. Shows the nearest route to the airport and informs the pilot of the details of the airport and the refueling time of the aircraft.
It is possible to transfer the pilot flight map from 3 Garmin Plot.App software on D2 Air watch. The black screen of the watch has a calendar of the day of the month and the day of the week, and this watch has both analog and digital displays, and at 3 o’clock on the main screen, the time is displayed digitally in a large font. Frame 43 Also, the time of his flights to him is one millimeter of stainless steel, its glass is Gorilla Glass3 and its strap is made of leather, which also has an extra silicone strap. This is information on pilot exercise and exercises It also reminds him of his flight times. Clock frame to pressure 5 . The watch motor is of the Quartz type.

Seiko Stainless Steel Aviation The best pilot watch of 2021

This chronograph watch has three small screens of hours, minutes and seconds on the main screen, and its white hands, covered with fluorescent material, facilitate reading time in low light: low. The strap of the bracelet is made of stainless steel. The watch frame is also made of stainless steel and its glass is made of Hardlex mineral glass. The clock motor for analog time is Quartz because it is more accurate than mechanical motors
This chronograph clock has a window: Calendar display at 3 o’clock Home screen: and has an alarm and Stop Watch to hold: time and time measurement. This watch is up to 100 meters deep and is also suitable for swimming and diving

Due to the large frame, it is not suitable for small:

Rotating drain, beautiful and elegant design

Citizen Pro Master Sky Hawk A – T Aviation Watch

The beautiful Pro Master watch is in dark blue and has yellow markings on the drawer around the frame and on the back of the watch is the official Blue Angel logo. On the blue screen of the watch, digital screens and small screens of the stopwatch and the second time are embedded. The watch case is made of stainless steel and its screen diameter is 47 mm and its thickness is 13 mm and it retains its waterproof feature up to a depth of 200 meters. There is a 24-hour stopwatch with a precision of one hundredth of a second with the Eco-Drive Quartz motor, which runs for 15 seconds per month and works with a combination of lithium and solar batteries. The Sky Hawk clock has two different time zones in the analog clock. Displays the LCD on the digital display, and the GMT international time is displayed on the small screen at the top of the screen at 12 o’clock. With this watch, the pilot can perform from the simplest mathematical calculations to the calculation of aircraft fuel consumption and flight distance.

Lack of moving map and radar on the clock

Proper chronograph design, time display digitally and analog, waterproof to a depth of 200 meters

The most expensive pilot watch 2021 Rolex GMT – Master Pepsi

The most luxurious pilot watch this year belongs to the famous Rolex brand. The watch has a Jalee metal wrist strap and a 40 mm Oyster stainless steel case with a black dial with white numerals and hands, fluorescently coated, to read time in the dark. The frame of the Pepsi brand with 24-hour rating, with two colors of red and blue, has divided the time of day and night into two parts of 12 hours and can be rotated in both directions. The automatic motor of this watch means that one does not need to tune the watch in any way. This clock has the ability to store energy for up to 70 hours and at 3 o’clock the home screen has a large calendar window
Beautiful design, glass made of ruby ​​crystal, scratch-resistant, waterproof to a depth of 100 meters
Very large and rugged push buttons