The latest ground military robots

Jaeger Suicide Robot – C

/ Recently, the Australian company Geard Tech tested the armored version of the Jaoger-C suicide robot, which fired 63.7 mm caliber bullets from a distance of 50 meters, but kept moving! The robot has a communication link and a sensor and can wait a long time to attack a valuable target such as the main battle tank. Battery life is 3 months. When he finds the enemy with artificial intelligence, he asks permission to attack and then automatically commits suicide.
It weighs 250 kg and has a maximum speed of 90 km / h and can withstand 12.7 mm caliber bullets. During the test, the bullets were fired from a camera gun, but failed due to the shield. This part is a combination of armored steel and small ceramic hexagonal pieces in front of the body. The tires were also replaced with steel mesh wheels to make them less vulnerable.
Jaeger C is also able to operate completely independently by analyzing the images and models it has trained. It is also versatile and can be used in 4 modes: anti-personnel with artillery platform, anti-suicide armor with hollow warhead, reconnaissance or security guard. It is for today’s MBTs and can create a new way of tank hunting.

BERSERK robotic warrior

This Belarusian monster has two types of snipers and rocket launchers. The first has 3 rounds of 4/62 mm caliber with 6,000 bullets per minute for each, which can target a small drone a thousand meters or destroy light armored vehicles. The capacity of each bullet is 1500 bullets with an effective range of 300 to 500 meters, and when firing from a distance of 400 meters, 90 percent of the bullets hit a circle with a diameter of 50 centimeters.
The second turret has 18 57 mm caliber rockets. The electro-module also has a thermal camera and can detect small drones, tanks and helicopters at a distance of 3, 5 and 10 km. AI software allows automatic detection and detection of low-contrast camouflaged target type. It also has a powerful anti-jamming radio transmitter for high-resolution data and video transmission. Stable control radius It is one kilometer in dense urban areas and more than one kilometer in open areas. If necessary, the control radius can be increased by the relay installed on the quadcopter.
The chassis distributes the weight of the turret evenly on the ground, eliminates vibration during firing and significantly increases the ability to cross different levels. Therefore, it is able to move safely on any type of soil such as sand, gravel and wetland and pass uphill and downhill. The sands can rotate in the opposite direction to get the robots around in place. It weighs 2.2 tons, has a hybrid engine (diesel electric) and a stable speed of 5 km per hour with a range of 30 km. Battery life in standby mode is 24 hours.

Robotic frontier

The Israeli army has unveiled the Jaguar robot, one of the first military robots to replace troops on the border and now used to protect the Israeli-Gaza border. It has dozens of sensors and can be equipped with additional sensors and weapon systems such as 62.7 mm machine guns according to the mission. It has the ability to drive automatically and move to a specific destination and knows how to detect obstacles and bumps with sensors and artificial intelligence. Go around. Jaguar has an electric motor and can walk along the border fence, calmly and with low thermal visibility, its efficiency in fog and dust has been proven, even if it is captured, the sensors will send its exact position to the drone. And disable your sensitive components! In case of need for destructionBemyaran also sends its exact position to the drone

– Wonderful robotic empire

EDGE Defense Group and UAE ADASI Company unveiled the world’s first Royan ammunition at the Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition 2021 – IDEX Unmanned Ambulance and four-door 440 UAE UAVs that can withstand assault rifle fire and shrapnel. Survivors of landmines and booby traps survived. Its capacity is 1200 kg.
Operation is through ground control with a range of 13 km and a duration of 8 hours and can move at a speed of 50 km per hour, support forces fire and reduce their danger. Interestingly, the control console. Just as a typical amp has a driver and a tweezer, the robotic type also has two separate consoles for the driver and the gunner in two suitcases. In addition to the display and keys, the driver console has a steering wheel to steer the front of the sack! The Noichi console also has a display, keys, and two handles for controlling and firing the Amrp roof fire. Ajian is not autonomous, the soldiers drive in a manned position near the battlefield, and when they feel threatened, they get out of the car and check the target with a remote control.
– Robotic howitzer
The British Ministry of Defense has announced the start of a three-year executive study on the lightweight unmanned howitzer to replace the 118 traction unit, which is to be built by Vicker of the UK and RhineMetal of Germany. The 118 L has been in service since 1976 and is completely obsolete. So Britain wants an advanced, intelligent and practical weapon in the foreseeable future Replace. The concept design is similar to a robotic rover with a firearm to explore alien worlds, and if successful, it will make a dramatic change. Of course, the developer anticipates using different calibers. The cannon tube is installed on a four-wheeled electric or hybrid vehicle that each wheel of the electric motor has significant mobility on any type of ground. The ammunition loader is fully automatic. The car is targeted by the operator and is scheduled to enter service in 2026. It must have more range, accuracy and destruction than its predecessor. Also, its weight and dimensions should be small to facilitate movement and deployment on the battlefield. The previous 6 crew members will be reduced to 4 people. This is the first time in the world that the concept of a robotic toilet has been introduced.

Robotic rocket launcher

The ROGUE JLTV unmanned aerial vehicle and missile launcher is made by Oshkoosh for the US Army, Navy and Marine Corps, which, for the first time in the world, allows the automatic delivery of all types of missiles to firing and firing positions. Movable ground launcher for cruise and ballistic missiles. The current type is called NMESIS and is equipped with a NSM anti-ship missile launcher for the Marines and Navy, which will be used mainly in Asia and the Pacific to counter the Chinese Navy, control the sea and regional denial. The Navy supports and attacks enemy ships from the shore. In this 10-year transformation, all tanks, most of the artillery and part of the aircraft will be eliminated in favor of anti-ship missiles, multiple rocket launchers and unmanned naval systems so that the Marine Corps is completely eliminated. Get aggressive. It can also deploy troops in small groups on Pacific islands to deprive the Chinese fleet of the freedom to maneuver. For ground forces, a HIMARS guided missile launcher will be installed behind the truck. ROGUE consists of a convoy in which a manned vehicle drives a number of drones to minimize the number of driver soldiers in the army. The current ROGUE truck has no driver’s cab at all, but existing military vehicles can be equipped with robotic technology.