The new generation of US Army night vision goggles

ENVG B made by L3HARRIS company, is a night vision goggles on its helmet with two white and thermal phosphor channels that give the soldiers the superior ability to aim, engage and neutralize the threat and increase the success of their mission and safety.

– new era

The US military is constantly changing its approach to equipping troops and adding new tools to improve their efficiency. One of the best examples is the ENVG-B glasses, which not only have the latest night-vision technology, but also new technologies such as augmented reality and weapon vision that turn any soldier into a skilled sniper or connect to network gadgets. Provides data with augmented reality platforms.
The US military claims that the ENVG-B is the world’s most advanced night-vision goggle, and that no tool in the world’s armies can match it in terms of power and sophistication. It has mutated capabilities compared to old and thermal night vision goggles, which is advanced against enemies with advanced night combat technology to ensure complete superiority in different ranges. According to the first user unit, it is a development beyond the current equipment that helps a lot to orient the soldiers.

ENVG glasses – B

Instead of green phosphorus, the new tube has quality white phosphorus, which has entered the world of night vision for several years and has many advantages over its predecessor. Gives the soldier better visibility for night operations. The image does not show green, the image is more similar to the habit of the human eye and has more contrast, higher quality and more differentiation of objects from each other. Of course, it costs more than green phosphorus tube, but it provides clearer and more detailed vision with less eye strain.
The main point is the overlap with long-wave thermal infrared vision, which makes it very sharp. Thermal imaging improves target recognition in the face of visual obstacles. Therefore smoke, dust and.A light barrier will not obscure the target. The new thermal field of view and range is higher than the previous models. ENVG-B can also be seen visually or thermally or simultaneously (one in the other). Therefore, the gap between the range and performance of both sensors is filled, and this is a huge change in Sine’s vision. ENVG-B is the world’s first spectacle that can combine white and thermal visor at night or day with the push of a button. If there is not much light in the environment, you can see more heat and see warm things. Thermal vision can be turned off if needed.
ENVG-B increases lethality, situational awareness and increases perception of the battlefield. This not only allows quick access to the target and reduces the risk of being seen by the enemy, but also significantly increases shooting accuracy. In general, ENVG-B achieves the target faster and more accurately and is clearly proven in identifying and assessing war disasters.
The user interface provides more features such as augmented reality and shooting without physical targeting. It is added in such a way that it does not need to open the glasses. The ENVG-B test began in 2019. So far, 5,000 glasses have been made, which are being replaced by old American optics. It weighs 13.1 kg and has a field of view of 40 degrees and a magnification of 3 times. Uses a regular 88 battery. A rechargeable battery has also been developed that works for 7 hours on each charge.

Augmented reality vision

Inside the thicker left phosphor tube is a full-color 1024 ۲ 1280 display for augmented reality and overlapping maps and background information. The ENVG-B also has the ability to connect to an ATAK (Android Tactical Assault Kit), which is similar to a smartphone and is carried by a soldier. With this device, the soldier can plan for his own goals and forces and connect to other soldiers’ kits through the network.
For example, the image or target point can be marked digitally on the glasses and sent to others with ATAK. So that all members of the group can see his position at the moment. Overlaying graphic maps on glasses allows you to increase situational awareness and plan missions day or night. The soldier sees all the important information in front of his eyes without taking his eyes off the target to read the map or check the radio.
Information includes route addresses, tracking of insiders, and images of war zones. This technology is very useful for better understanding of the mission and battle planning, and by combining kit and aing. No one gets lost. For example, people know that there is a river in front of them and they plan to cross it. Shows the exact location of the halves so there is no need to stop to find them and suspend a group of soldiers.
The commander also knows the location of his own teams and what is happening on the battlefield with 8288. This not only increases the awareness of the field leader, but also for higher levels of command and control. The general set is called Nett Warrior and includes a two-channel multi-band radio that provides communication and data sharing on a very large scale. This set also makes communication with the commander easier because sometimes it is not possible to talk wirelessly but with Nett The Warrier button can be pressed to let the command hierarchy know exactly where the soldiers are. This not only increases awareness and communication with higher levels of command, but also makes mission planning and execution more efficient and comprehensive. Planning usually takes hours or days, and a high-ranking commander on the field is not aware of the exact status of the troops. But new technology allows, for example, to be immediately aware of the need to attack a village and to plan quickly. With Nett Warrior, Commander can see everything soldiers do on the ground and take steps to support them in each phase of the mission Give.

FWS – I individual weapon targeting system

This is a type of camera that mounts on a gun, sending the image of the target site to the glasses. The soldier then attaches the wireless glasses to the rifle and fires from behind the barrier with high precision and without a laser, without looking directly at the target, without being exposed to danger. – M, which is for daily use, can be engaged at different distances up to the maximum effective range of the weapon (more than 600 meters). But the range of the new combination is longer and allows accurate stealth shooting. Removing the laser from the target is also important because its use can instantly reveal the location of the shooter.

Connect to the UAV

The next goal is to connect the Black Hornet Nano UAV to ENVG-B so that soldiers can see the UAV images live on their glasses. Squad members can view information at the same time, but the military intends to expand the network so that all relevant people are on the battlefield. View the image of small drones instantly. The open architecture of ENVG-B glasses also enables the addition of new technologies in the future.

Future soldiers

For decades, soldiers had a lot of equipment that was more sophisticated but not integrated with other equipment. But change is on the way. Finally, the combination of ENVG-B and FWS-I and Nett Warrior provides capabilities far beyond today’s standards. Glasses with white phosphor tube and heat channel, much better image resolution and wireless connections. 1. FWS can shoot from a stealth position, and Nett Warrior is for troop tracking, better communication, and mission planning. This combination greatly reduces the likelihood of firing on insiders and establishes communication between units when the radio is silent.