Tuning BMW R18 by WaEWerk custom motorcycle with unique features

Concept motorcycles are made to attract the attention of enthusiasts, but a production motorcycle needs it to be considered by buyers in terms of application, the possibility of mass production and matching for different markets. So as soon as the motorcycle leaves the assembly line of the factory, it is the turn of the private custom companies to start their work. Like this handsome roof and R18 made and polished by the famous German workshop WalzWerk.
WalzWerk’s decision to tun the R18, rather than just redesigning it, is a deliberate move to introduce their current business model is considered . In other words, all the efforts of this company are focused on the production of this series of motorcycles. So they designed the R18 to They can easily repeat this.

“It’s been more than 31 years since the life of a motorcycle,” says Marcus Waltz, founder of Walawerk. I do not have to reinvent the wheel or, like some competitors, build an R18-based spacecraft, but rather focus on doing things commercially. At present, we build about 70 custom motorcycles a year.
According to WalzWark, the company plans to build 12 R18s a year. For this purpose, special kits have been produced to obtain the traffic license of this motorcycle on the streets of the city using the same parts. However, it is possible to customize this motorcycle depending on the buyer, and for this reason, every motorcycle that is made will be a unique unique example. Other features of this motorcycle include the Bobber kit, which can be ordered by ordering it. The rear of the R18 will change dramatically. It starts with installing a single floating seat on a blank screen that can be ordered in two different sizes. The seat also has a 75 mm front-to-back adjustment.
In addition, the rear fender is narrower than the standard R18 model The taillights and turn signals work instead. But one thing that surprised us was that there was no place to install the rear license plate If this R18 looks lower than its standard model, it’s because it has been reduced in height by about 76 mm. The front plug pipes are now shorter and have more advanced springs inside. The new rear shock is also height-adjustable and custom-made. This motorcycle also moves on wheels measuring 3.5 x 21 inches at the front and 1866 inches at the rear. Adjustable levers, brake hoses In short, a new set of pedals and hidden fluid tanks are other features of the roof and R18 tuned by WalzWerk. In addition, bases are provided to move the headlights down and back. All these changes have made the front of the motorcycle look more compact than it really is. In the past, all chrome-plated parts, such as the exhaust hood and valves, have been replaced by black ones. The new mufflers of this motorcycle are made of stainless steel. The only thing left about this tuned R18 is its tank oil blue color, which is inspired by the Porsche 356 car.