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Brabus Mercedes-AMG $ 63 GLE

/ Brabus in its latest attempt has managed to swallow a real supercar based on the Mercedes AMG + GLE 63 S 4MATIC. Named the Brabus 800, this long-wheelbase car is powered by a 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that, with the help of the Castra 800-B40S Power Kit, produces 612 to 800 horsepower at 5,900 rpm. Its maximum torque has increased from 850 to 1000 Nm at 3500 rpm. However, this increase in power with changes in the turbochargers used It was accompanied by larger compressors and a reset of the engine electronic control unit. As a result, the supercar’s zero to 100 acceleration was reduced to 3.3 seconds, but its maximum speed was limited to 280 km / h. Brabus Sport exhaust system made of stainless steel and equipped with sound control valves with four round outlets with a diameter of 90 mm, carbon body kit consisting of front spoiler, fenders protrusion, rear diffuser and a roof spoiler, forged rims Monoblock 2 Platinum Edition From 21 to 24 inches in diameter, the module reduces the ride height by 25 mm and the interior is another feature of the Brabus 800 car.

| Daehler Competition Line BMW X7

Although the roof and X7 are more like a moving door with a body length of 16.5 meters and a weight of 2.4 tons, but this luxury SUV has the dynamics of driving on one roof and in its DNA. Simple enough for the experts of the Swiss company Dashler to prepare a special tuning program for this car. For example, with the implementation of stage one, the power of the V4 Piterbo engine and the 4.4-liter X7 M50 model will increase from 530 to 630 hp and its torque from 750 to 830 Nm. With the implementation of Phase 2, which is being completed, we will see an increase in the power of this The engine will be 646 hp with a maximum torque of 850 Nm. In the near future, it will be possible to increase power for all X7 diesel and gasoline engines. In addition, a sport exhaust system with volume control valve and four round outlets. Other features include reduced ride height, forged and ultra-sleek 23-inch CDC1 FORGED rims with 295 / 35R23 tires, luxury in-room flooring, a set of aluminum sports pedals and a dedicated speedometer up to 330 km / h. Which are intended for roof and x7.

KRUMM – Performance The Mini Cooper SE

For this purpose, KW, as KRUMM technical partner, has provided the possibility of installing all suitable suspension systems of this model from two brands, KW and ST. As a result, not only has the car behaved much better on the road than before, but according to the installation site of the German company KRUMM – Performmence, it has been working in the field of tuning various BMW and Mini models for more than 14 years. It has achieved a good reputation. The optimizations made by this center are such that it improves the driving dynamics of cars for daily use and even driving inside the racetrack. Now, it is the turn of Mini Cooper SE electric car to taste the extensive changes of this tweeter to improve and Taste your appearance Its transmission center battery is reduced as much as possible. However, the distance from the floor of the car to the ground still seems adequate. Another point that has been in the focus of engineers since the beginning of this project is to maintain the maximum operating range of this electric car without increasing energy consumption. Therefore, all changes have been made based on the combination of rims and standard mini tires

STARTECH Land Rover Defender

The first Land Rover model was introduced in 1948 and its production continued in the same shape and form for almost 68 years, ie until 2016. Now, it is a year and a half since the Land Rover Defender entered the market with a completely new look and was immediately noticed by tuners. Is located. Including Startek, which has recently made available a new model called SIXTYB based on the new generation of Defender. Interestingly, from this unique car to the number of years of production of the new body kit model, including the following three-piece spoiler, all these components will be made of previous Defender plastics for only 68 units. The front bumper, rear spoiler and custom ABS cover are made. . This is while it was. Startek designers start their work by presenting a rear door with a British flag design, where it is possible to order Startek kit components in matte black or silver or in a color that contrasts with the body. Further changes include the installation of the giant 23-inch Monostar E rims with Yokohama ADVAN Sport tires measuring 305 / 35R23, the use of a starter suspension control module with the ability to reduce the ride height by approximately 35 mm, and the construction of a space. Internal Defender is dedicated