Tuning world news

Alpina’s latest product, called XD3, is based on the Bamo X3 facelifted model. The car is powered by a twin-turbo, 3-liter inline 6-cylinder diesel engine equipped with 485 hp semi-hybrid technology with 355 hp or a maximum torque of 730 Nm, which is produced by an eight-speed automatic transmission The ZF AHP76 is transmitted to all four wheels of the car with Alpina’s dedicated shift buttons. As a result of these changes, the XD3 accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.4 seconds and accelerates from 0 to 200 km / h in 9.21 seconds, but in contrast to the German average high top speed of 254 km / h.
Sport suspension system equipped with adaptive shock absorbers and with the right choice of driver mode, multi-layered Albasi rims with a diameter of 20 and inches with Pirelli P Zero sticks, brake poison modified with composite discs, new four-wheel drive and differential system performance control system Limited rear slip, in addition to changes to the exterior of the car, including modified front and rear bumpers and a white trim on the side of the body are other features of the Alpina XD3.
Irmscher Apple Corsa
Forty years after Immsciver released custom White Fleet models, this famous and old IL tuner unveiled a new line of products of the same name. The beautiful and lovely Corsa hatch is one of these models that, in addition to painting the body white, uses a number of aerodynamic components including a spoiler under the front bumper, underbody, a windshield under the rear bumper and a red or black roof spoiler. The empty space under the fenders is also filled with 18-inch diameter Torio Star alloy and black rims with red IRS tube cover.
Also to improve the handling of the Corsa, its riding height is approx Decreased by 30 mm. In addition, Irmischer has several options for improving the interior of the Corsa, the most important of which are custom flooring and facades. In addition, the possibility of ordering different types of leather upholstery in different designs and colors along with various equipment has been provided to the customers of this center. And last but not least: although Corsa is equipped with Apple’s most powerful 1.2-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine, mscher engineers have managed to increase its power from 130 to 150 hp with changes in the engine management system software.
Novitec Ferrari SF90 Stradale
The first phase of the Ferrari SF90 Straddle tuning was started by Novink with the introduction of a sport exhaust system made of stainless steel or inconol alloy with catalytic converters and two 112 mm diameter outlets. The most important achievement of this system, in addition to improving the flow of exhaust gases, better engine breathing and reducing the temperature of the engine compartment, produces an attractive and catchy sound compared to the standard Ferrari exhaust system.
Next, to improve the performance of the SF90 hybrid propulsion system, which consists of a combination of an internal combustion engine and three electric motors. Twitek specialists focus on the 78-twin turbo engine and 4 The liter is supposed to increase its power from 780 to 813 hp at 7750 rpm and improve its torque from 800 to 858 Nm at 6100 rpm. As a result, the combined power of this mid-engined hybrid supercar has been increased to 1,033 horsepower. A change that reduces the acceleration of zero to one hundred Ferrari cars to 2.5 seconds and increases its maximum speed to more than 340 kilometers per hour. In addition, 20- and 21-inch NF10 alloy wheels, a set of sport springs to reduce ride height, and interior design are included in the Twitek program.
Senner Tesla 3 Model Performance
In an unexpected move in the company’s history, Soroner Turirtee specialists turned to an electric car for the first time and turned their attention to Tesla Model 3 Performance tuning. First of all, using the experience of Kw7 experts to improve the ride quality of Tesla’s car and choosing the 3 Variant suspension system has reduced the ride height of this car. While Tesla’s standard suspension has often been criticized by users for its dryness, the ability to adjust the Kw suspension has had a significant impact on the handling dynamics of the Tesla 3 Model. Other benefits of reducing the ride height of a car include reducing the body’s resistance to wind, and as experiments have shown, the rear differential model Tella 3 model equipped with KW suspension benefits from a 7% reduction in this area. win . Most interestingly, the use of a combination of new rims and tires in standard dimensions has reduced the rotational mass of the car tuned by Sermor by 40% and thus increased its range by up to 10%. For this purpose, Cor.Speed ​​Kharrma lightweight rims with a diameter of 20 inches along with Bridgestone Putenza Sport tires with dimensions of 245 / 352R20 at the front and 275 / 302R20 at the rear have been used.