UAV innovations

Parrot ANAFI Ai

For some applications, the range of wireless communications on traditional drones is not strong enough. . By default, the ANAFI drone, like other small drones, communicates with its user or virtual loop via WI-FI. This keeps everything simple and saves on mobile data transfer costs. UAV microprocessors evaluate the quality of the Internet connection every 100 milliseconds. If it turns out that Behyad does not have a Wi-Fi internet connection.
The drone automatically switches to its built-in 4G module, which supports 28 frequency bands and covers 98% of the frequencies used in the world. The result can be from the drone at any distance. Used even when not in direct view. In addition, the 4G connection is encrypted to neutralize any possible errors and malicious access. The ANAFI AN drone itself records 4K video at 60 frames per second and with.Sends 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. The drone weighs 898 grams and its arms can be folded while carrying. Charging the lithium polymer battery with 35.3 mAh 72V UV provides a flight time of 32 minutes.

Zoe Zetona UAV with the ability to mount the camera on the front

The new product from the Dutch company Aoooore carries portable cameras in front of its body. To do to the bottom of the valley. The UAV 200 is equipped with a two-axis Gimbal balance system from Grorisy company to allow the camera to be installed in front of the UAV body.
This system ensures that the drone frame and the balance system arms do not interfere with shooting, allowing the viewer to tilt the camera up or down to a 90-degree angle. This drone can be ordered in two types of quadcopters (four-blade) and ectoquiter (eight-blade). Its lithium polymer battery provides a 26-minute flight with the Sony A7R IV camera on a single charge, thanks to its sturdy carbon fiber frame. Capable of carrying loads up to 2.2 kg. The maximum horizontal speed of this drone is 91 kilometers per hour.

DJI Matrice 600 UAV for water sampling

Startup Reign Maker in New York has designed an up-sampling device called the Nixie Base system, the end of which is like a podium with a 500 ml water bottle at the bottom and a mechanism for attaching a drone at the top. Has been. This system is designed to be installed in the memory of 600 D.Jl Matrice or DJI Matrice 300 RTK propeller drone. In this method, the hardware designed by Reign Maker company is connected to the drone and the drone flies on the water and the operator, by remote control, controls the drone in such a way that the water bottle is about 0.6 meters inside the surface. Water is placed and some water enters the bottle, then Behiad is returned to the shore and the bottle is separated from the end and another bottle is replaced for the next sampling. According to the company, each water sampling is done at a speed of 9 km / h. The UAV takes about three minutes at a time. Simultaneously, GPS software tracks the location of the sampling to take subsequent samples from the same locations.
The price of 600 DJ Matrice is equivalent to $ 6599, the price of RTK 300 is about 13 thousand dollars

Poing MQ – 25T1 Fuel UAV

For the first time in the global aviation industry, the Boeing MQ-25T1 air tanker drone transferred jet fuel to a US Navy 18-F / A Super Hornet jet. The two planes were connected by a special refueling hose and refueling operations were carried out. The MQ-25T1 Boeing Air Tanker, known in the Navy as the Stingray, was designed and built at a Boeing manufacturing facility in St. Louis, Missouri. The unmanned aerial vehicle managed to refuel in mid-air on June 4 this year after 25 test flights to an F / A-18 Super Hormet fighter with a hollow. The jet was moving under the drone. Bahad inserted a special fuel hose with a funnel-shaped end into the aircraft tank.

Wingcopter UAV Delivery Capable of carrying three packages simultaneously

The winged German Wingcopter198 UAV is an electric vertical aircraft that can carry three packages to three different locations in one flight. The drone is based on Wingcopter’s patent and special tilt rotor technology that allows it to take off vertically like a helicopter and then can fly slowly horizontally like a fixed fin aircraft. This drone with 8 rotors has dimensions of 153 1980 × 65 cm and weighs 20 kg, which can reach up to 25 kg when lifted.
Two 814-watt-hour lithium-ion batteries are provided for this drone, which in ideal conditions provides the ability to travel 75 kilometers or stay in the air for about 40 minutes by carrying packages weighing a total of 5 kg. Three packages with dimensions of 19 ۰ 40 × 22 cm can be carried by it simultaneously, each of which is connected to its own winch to be unloaded at the required location. The drone can deliver packages in vertical flight or land on the ground to deliver packages. The drone is equipped with a set of AI video sensors and ADS-B, FLARM and Remote ID radio sensors. It has special software to avoid collisions with obstacles. The cameras under the drone are equipped with the use of 81 video sensors for precision in the delivery of goods and its location, as well as the landing of the drone.

Lifestyle innovation in apartment culture in big cities

The phenomenon of apartment living in cities has been formed for many years. For a long time, we have seen the image of a one-story yard and house in movies and TV series, and in the real world of big cities, we rarely see villains, people who live together in the same building, may not see each other’s faces from year to year, and even They may not have seen the color of another house after years of living in the neighborhood. This has led to a kind of alienation from one another that is not very pleasant, especially for the previous generation and the local elders, who may have inevitably, for a hundred reasons, given in to this kind of life.
One of the most important issues in this category is the feeling of security. Human beings are innately and naturally inclined to live together with their fellow human beings. Now, if, due to the materials, he is forced to give up living in a small residential unit, this does not contradict the human desire to live next to others. On the other hand, the isolationism of some people causes them to run away from their neighbors. . Do not let the work greet you. We have said all this to get to the point that now that the times are like this and we have to live together but separately as neighbors in separate units, it is worthwhile to read the principles and culture of apartment living and be a source of peace and satisfaction for each other. Not a cause for trouble!
It is customary in buildings that a person is selected as the manager, which is done by the residents of the residential complex (regardless of the number of units) and responsibilities are assigned to them. A building is like a small community that needs a law and a manager. In the building, as in the community, management can and should be rotated, so that all units take turns dealing with the executive issues of the building and vote and be present when choosing a manager. Of course, the decision on the enforcement of each property depends on the opinion of all residents, and in many buildings, a fund is considered to save the funds paid by the units, and not the appointed manager, has the authority to conclude the necessary contracts. Take action to maintain and manage the building.
– The meeting (general assembly of the building) must be held at least once a year and the chairman of this assembly is the building manager. In these meetings should be more than half the owners (or tenants Or the owner’s representative) to be present until the meeting is formalized, otherwise the second meeting and finally the third meeting will be held, which will be formalized with the presence of two thirds of the owners. It is a damage and the selection of the next manager is done in the same meetings, determining the monthly charge, handling residents’ protests, insuring the building against fire or other disasters, informing the assembly of decisions of the absentees (although in advance, The date of the meeting was announced and they did not participate). Receipt of receivables, reconstruction of commons and similar matters are discussed.
– It is necessary to mention a few points. In the case of construction, we do not have anything like the heavy cost of Pasbak, any cost can be considered heavy for light residents (depending on their income and views), so if the building needs to be thoroughly repaired and renovated, of course, all residents think, but The manager does not need to get permission from each of the owners to carry out the current and customary expenses, and this must be written in the annual meeting, in which case none of the owners (whether resident or non-resident and owners of vacant units) They can refuse to pay the charge under any circumstances, but if there is a general agreement, the owners of the vacant units can not pay for water, electricity, gas and such consumables. But the costs of maintaining the building and cleaning the commons and repairing the elevator, etc. must definitely be paid by everyone. The final point is that if the building manager is chosen from the owners for his management, he can not pay the fee, of course, this must be stated in writing at the same meeting of the complex and the residents must sign all of them. In some buildings, no one will accept the manager, in which case the manager will be hired from outside the building, and naturally his salary will be paid from the building’s charge source.
The issue of building management and payment is a detailed issue that is beyond our expertise. We have dealt with this here, so that we can only talk and talk a little with the apartment dwellers, this is a lot of talk, and in this regard, there are many written rules that can be referred to For all of you dear ones, we wish you a peaceful life and we hope you are not offended. Good day to you.