Ultra-light carbon fiber smart wheelchair

Millions of people around the world live with lower extremity paralysis. While there are no official statistics on the number of people with dementia worldwide, the World Health Organization estimates that between 250,000 and 500,000 new cases of retinal detachment worldwide require wheelchair use each year. Hence how many years. As part of the Mobility for Al mission, the Toyota Mobility Foundation has invited talented engineers, miners and designers from around the world to provide the latest mobility equipment with enhanced mobility and independence for the disabled.
Finally, the foundation ended the competition. The British company Pnooriix Instinct, meanwhile, won the competition among 80 innovations from 28 countries and received $ 1 million to further develop and market its ultra-lightweight Cranberry fiber winger. The lives of millions of people with disabilities are now expected to change with the introduction of this innovative wheelchair.
“As we know, the shape of the wheelchairs has not changed in technology for years, and the budget we received through this challenge allows us to prove that smart technology is easier and safer to use,” said Andrew Slovence, winner of the competition. Creates a wheelchair with a feature set of new features.
Phoenix i uses intelligent systems to automatically adjust its center of gravity, making the ultra-lightweight fiber frame very stable and easier to maneuver. The device uses the power of the front wheel to reduce painful vibrations to reduce pressure on the user. The intelligent seat braking system automatically detects when the user is scratching and adjusts to manage the user’s landing.
The University of Pittsburgh Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) evaluated the work and guidance along with half of Toyota’s subject matter experts, and the winner wasAn expert jury was selected. The criteria for judging were based on solidarity, impact insight, usability performance, safety quality and market potential, and cost-effectiveness. Mobility means freedom. This means breaking free from the constraints of life. As we at Toyota believe, when we are on the move, we can participate fully in society and can be excited about any of these devices that are supported by Mobility.
For a long time, the disabled community has faced mobility and access restrictions. The coronavirus epidemic has changed attitudes toward remote work, showing that one can be present at home, and be productive. However, this epidemic also showed the need for non-disabled people to better understand the importance of mobility for all, we hope that these devices will improve the mobility of people around the world and contribute to an inclusive future.