Urban vehicle innovations

Electric food delivery box

Cake, the maker of electric motorcycles in Sweden, has partnered with Swedish home appliance maker Dometic to develop an in-box electric food delivery box that mounts to Cake Osa motorcycles or electric scooters.
The purpose of producing this box was to maintain the temperature of the food during transportation to the destination and to maintain the quality of the food during delivery to the customer. These days, due to the spread of the Corona virus and the lack of public use of restaurants, the order of ready meals and door-to-door delivery from restaurants has increased. 2019 has been introduced to the motorcycle market and has a nationwide gray horizontal bar under the seat to install tools and equipment. Allows you to heat or cool food for 4 hours with each charge. The user can even adjust the temperature of the box by an application software that has caused the previous food to smell on the current food in the affected box of his smartphone. Do not have ionization technology.

Nimbus electric tricycle

The Nimbus electric tricycle has headlights and taillights and a windshield wiper that is 2.3 meters long and 0.8 meters wide, like an agile motorbike, and can legally be parked in a motorcycle parking lot. Because its two parallel front wheels have the ability to deflect and tilt to the sides, it has the ability to tilt when cornering, like a motorcycle. The safety equipment of this vehicle includes three single orbs for the driver and two side curtain orbs, ABS brake, automatic emergency brake (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW) and traction control system (TCS).

Electric bug

Kids in the 1980s can remember Tamiya’s Wid One radio-controlled toy car. Recently, the British company The Little Car has produced a larger and more driven model of this car called Wild One Max. The company works with automakers such as Bugatti and Aston Martin to produce small models of classic cars. This time, instead of making a smaller replica of the cars, the company has built a Buggy toy RC Car or a 1985 Wid One radio control model with a 1/10 scale under the license of Tamiya, unlike the large model with a scale of 10.8, which It can also be mounted. This electric recreational car has a rear differential and its body is 3.5 meters long and 1.8 meters wide and weighs a total of 250 kg. Its chassis is mounted on a space frame with a spring-loaded suspension system on all four wheels. The 2 kWh battery pack with 4 kW electric motor allows you to travel up to 40 km / h and reach a top speed of 48 km / h. Faster versions with city and road licenses with larger batteries and more powerful electric motors will meet the requirements of the L60 and L7e in Europe and the NEV in the US. Digital displays on the dashboard are other features of the car, 15-inch off-road tires and Brembo hydraulic disc brakes are provided for this car.

Uready electric tricycle with a jet ski-like ride

Normally, riding a tricycle is never like riding a jet ski, but a Turkish entrepreneur named Oguz Khan Abayrak in Germany has made it possible. Uready company has designed and produced an electric tricycle with the ability to incline and deviate to the sides, in the prototype stage, which has a special aluminum frame that allows the rider to deviate and tilt to both left and right. A 500 watt electric motor in The center wheel hub is installed and disc brakes are provided for all three front and rear wheels. The lithium battery is placed in the frame and gives a single flux over a distance of 35 km, which with a custom spare battery, this distance will be doubled. Reaches a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour. One has to stand on a pair of folding footrests at the back of the frame. The engineering team of the manufacturing company is looking for a way for Qarim to make it foldable.

Freight version of Citroen My Ami small electric car

In 2019, Citroën introduced a small city electric car called the Ami One. The electric two-seater was launched in Europe last year, and this year a small electric van called the My Armi Cargo has been introduced for small transport jobs, which, unlike the two-seater Ari Ore, only has a driver’s seat. The volume of cargo space is 400 liters and carries loads up to 140 kg. Instead of a passenger seat, a polypropylene compartment has been installed to store loads up to 260 liters, and a partition separates the cargo area from the driver’s seat. This compartment has been raised from the height of the passenger glass! And so it can act as a small table for the driver. This car has a length of 1.2 meters, a width of 39.1 meters and a height of 1.52, and its circumference is only 2.7 meters. The car is equipped with a small 575 kWh battery that can be charged by 220V for 3 hours and allows a single charge for a distance of 75 km. Its 6 kW electric motor provides a maximum speed of 45 km / h.