Wire throwing weapons, shotguns and four-barrel pistols


Recently, a movie was released in which a shocker-like device threw a cable at people, wrapping them around their legs and stopping them. This money is made by WRAP Technologies USA. The only weapon that stops the target from maintaining a safe distance between the police and the target without causing pain is the imposition of pain that intensifies the conflict, but Bolaverap does not pose a threat and provides time for detente and support.
It has excellent performance against people who are incompatible with the mentally ill, greatly reduces direct contact, and increases police and target safety. Bolaraup training is simple and does not require special skills. It weighs 340 grams with a full bar and is 15 cm long. It is made of plastic and has a laser target. The bar is also made of aluminum and weighs 100 grams when full. The cable is 2.4 meters of Kevlar wire with a strength of 170 kg, which has two ends of steel parts in the form of fishing hooks. The wire is inside the magazine and the hooks are placed in special channels.
The launching force is a small hollow blast (like a bullet without a projectile) at the end of the barrel, which enters the channel and throws the hooks at a speed of 160 meters per second. They pulled the wire and They take out. When the wire hits the target, the hooks are twisted and 1 to 3 turns at a speed of 80 meters per second around the legs are tightened and tightened. If a person is running, he immediately falls to the ground. If he is standing, he will not be able to move.
The hooks are stuck to the fabric of the pants, so if the target is wearing a short dress, it will be painfully injured, Bolaverap can also be used to tie the hands. Use distance is 3 to 8 meters, but the best effect is up to 575 meters. It does not work from a distance of less than 16 to 1/2 meters. To carry it, a special waist bag has been made, which, in addition to weapons, holds 2 bags It also has. The time required to replace the waste is 3 to 8 seconds.
Polaravab is waterproof and can be used with one hand. The cable is also recyclable and can be reused. Some US police chiefs have called it life-saving, and officers see it as the best tool for dealing with people without mental health and are able to easily handle dangerous situations. Dozens of US states and 19 countries use Bolavera.


It is a painless and risk-free weapon for quick and easy capture of various targets such as humans, animals with UAVs, Netgan is like a big flashlight that throws a net. Its body is made of aluminum and the mesh is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which is characterized by strength and high-performance flight and is emitted by a small capsule of carbon dioxide gas. After each use, a new case must be installed inside the handle and a new net carrier head in front of the handle.
The power of outdoor or indoor gas is sufficient to control riots, apprehend fugitive suspects, trap small, medium-sized animals, and multi-rotor drones. Netgun weighs 36.1 kg and is 31 cm long. The weight of the gas capsule is 16 grams with a pressure of 2.8 MPa, which throws the net at a speed of 15 meters per second. It is not effective at a distance of less than 3 meters. Its motor range is 6 to 8 meters, but it also exceeds 15 meters.
The $ 1,000 kit includes a set of 20 gas canisters and four tourniquets inside a waterproof bag. The net is square and has 4 rubber weights in the corners that are connected to the gas capsule through special channels when loading. The pressure of the carbon dioxide throws the weights at the same time to pull the net after it and throw it on the target. Also after use The net can be easily folded and put back inside the launcher.
The capsules are disposable, so the kit supports up to 20 throws. Its users are researchers, zoo staff, animal welfare officers and the police, who control hard targets in a humane way. For different purposes, there is a net with different dimensions. To catch birds, cats, bats, etc., a small net of 2.2 meters with a network of 505 cm is used. A medium net of 3.3 meters with a network of 10.10 cm is for dogs, geese, peacocks, turkeys, etc. To catch a human or a drone in a police mission, a large net of 2.3 x 2.3 m with a 20 x 20 cm net is used.
As you can see, Netgan has a wide range of civilian uses. It is very suitable for someone whose pet has escaped or a researcher who wants to investigate it without killing or injuring the animal. Its use does not require a special license and is increasingly used in the livestock industry. This net is made by American Wildlife Capture, but there are bigger models as well. There is also a Chinese version called Webgan for $ 419.

Russian non-lethal pistol 4 – Osa PB

This weapon is non-lethal for shooting lights, flash bangs (generators of light and intense sound) and painful bullets. Osa has 4 tubes, laser targeting and electric trigger. the product It is from the 1990s and is used today by police and civilians in various countries such as the United States. Its empty weight is 340 grams with a length of 11.5 cm. Like the Dullol hunting rifle, it is break-action
The front of the weapon that bends is made of aluminum and has 2 chambers similar to 8, each of which contains 2 (4 in total) barrels with 4 bullets. Pumice also acts as a firing chamber because it is thick and inhibits gas pressure. The aim was that if someone changed the weapon to fire a deadly bullet, it would not work properly, the shell was 45 mm long and 18 mm in diameter, while the bullet was 15.3 mm in diameter.
Interestingly, unlike a normal pistol, a bullet never comes in contact with the barrel, but the shell also acts as a barrel! The bullet accelerates inside the shell after firing. Fire mechanism It is also electric and has a battery and an electrical contact surface behind each beautiful. Each time a trigger is fired, a barrel acts in sequence to prevent improper firing.
Some models have batteries and some use piezoelectric igniters such as kitchen gas lighters. For targeting, there is a simple slit above the weapon. Some have an internal target laser in the middle of the firing barrel, the key to which is the left hand grip, which works with the index finger. Osa has no safety keys and is ready to fire if full. It can also be used as an attachment under an assault rifle barrel.
Osa has 5 types of bullets. Illuminated in red, yellow and green, it reaches a height of 120 meters and stays on for 4 to 6 seconds. The viewing distance at night and day is 5 and 2 km, respectively. Flashing in an instant produces extremely strong light equivalent to 5 million candles and a very loud sound of 145 decibels, which temporarily impairs the target’s vision and hearing in the range of 1 to 3 meters to be captured.
The pepper gel bullet is just to restrain the animal and infects the 50 cm circle by firing from a distance of 5 meters. The 4-light bullet also rises to 70 meters and produces 4 seconds of light equivalent to 100,000 candles. The rubber type also stops the target with a painful shock. Large caliber rubber bullet, weighing 11.5 grams and initial kinetic energy of 90 joules, has an accuracy of 15 cm to an effective range of 35 meters.