Wonderhall Brawley Rock Rolling All-Wheel Electric

The American company Wonderhall started its work in 2010 with the construction of sports tricycles that were equipped with 174 liter turbocharged engines of General Motors, and now this company has entered a completely new sector with the introduction of Brawloy. The Brawley is an off-road all-electric four-wheel drive vehicle designed to cross rough terrain.
The Brawley looks similar to previous Vanderhall products, such as the Carmel model, only in the nose section with circular headlights and vertical windshield lines, and in other areas with long fenders, large tires and a lack of overclocking, such as a combination of a jeep and a roller coaster. The rims of this car are 18 inches and are covered with large 35-inch tires, which are the same size as the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon tires with the Extreme package and the Ford Branco with the Sasquatch package. In addition, the shock absorbers can be moved 56 cm. They provide wheels that are expected to allow the car to travel anywhere without drinking fuel
Unlike previous Wonderhal products, this electric off-roader has a fully enclosed four-seater cabin, but the design inside is very simple, and all that can be seen on the dashboard is a few amps of a circle and a row of buttons. Of course, there is equipment such as air conditioning, leather steering wheel with Bluetooth audio system and seat heater, and the car roof can be removed. Provides better visibility to the ground.
Inverter, brake and cooling system are formed, in the high-end version of GTS, these four engines produce a total of 404 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. Like other electric vehicles, Brownie has a brake energy recovery system and like cars High-end electrics such as the Porsche Nike and the Audi E Tron are equipped with four electric motors, the carbon fiber brakes of which are located in one of the wheels. In addition, for this car has one and in the form of a unit of a proprietary ABS engine and system Rear wheel steering is also considered, which, according to Wonderhall, provides a unique capability
To provide the energy needed for electric Browley motors, 40 or 60 kWh batteries are provided, and the larger model can travel more than 320 km with each full charge. These batteries also have a fast DC charging capability that can charge up to 80% of them in less than an hour. Can it compete with well-known off-roaders like Jeep Wrangler or not?