Yamaha YZF-R7 Model 2022 Retry to revive lightweight sports motorcycles

Not so long ago, motorcyclists around the world saw the arrival of new 600 cc 4-cylinder in-line models made by the four major Japanese companies every year, but it seems that interest in these lightweight sports motorcycles has recently waned. As a result, its sales have dropped unexpectedly. Yamaha has a strong desire to bring sales and nothingness back to this class of motorcycle with the introduction of its new mid-weight supercar called the YZF-R7. This model is actually the same as the 07-MT model, with the difference that its cover frames have been completed and more focus has been placed on its sporty aspects.

Decreased sales


According to Yamaha officials, sales of Toyota’s 600 cc Supersport models in December 2020 were only 22 percent of July sales that year, and the price increase hurt the mid-weight supercar. It followed that Yamaha recognized the need for change and therefore launched the YZF-R7, or at a more affordable price, and the main purpose of designing and building this model was that even riders with little experience could do so without injury. May they enjoy the ride with those happy days and repeat the past dreams. For this reason, it was priced at $ 8,999, which can attract a wide range of enthusiasts.
If you look at it from a distance, it is incredibly similar to the dreamy and legendary YZF-R6 model, with the difference that it is completely different in terms of personality and behavior. Ergonomically close to the F65, only the steering wheel is slightly higher than the rider to reachThey need less to bend their body
In the construction of this motorcycle model, a successful 07-MT platform was used, which is completely different from the previous platforms, and then other parts were carefully mounted on it, and they did this in such a way that despite the technical changes. The need for a supercar has not led to a significant price increase. One of the most striking features of the R7 is that engineers have succeeded in using one of the most modern engines that also has various functional aspects. This engine is nothing but a 689 cc 2-cylinder CP2 engine that was previously used Yama MT and 700 Tereoro are used.
This propulsion is famous for its high production power and behavior that is quite predictable. To determine the production power of this engine, it was placed on a 250 Dyrojet device, which is available in Yamaha company, and It was found that its maximum power output was 67 hp with 46 pound-feet of torque, which is almost similar to the records obtained by the 07-MT model. Such records are mediocre, except that in the YZF-R7 model, its propulsive power output is entertaining, so-called trained and balanced, without the intimidation of a linear four-cylinder engine. The initial reaction of the throttle lever is dry and its connection to the rear wheel is immediate and immediately without the need to use any electronic auxiliary system, its acceleration is smooth and uniform and it is always increasing up to 10,200 rpm. This continues until it reaches a speed of 193 km / h.
As mentioned, its powertrain is almost identical to that of the 07-MT, except that for the first time in the YZF-R7, Yamaha has upgraded its CP2 and slip-on clutch system for the first time. Sliding clutch is a special clutch that is equipped with a flywheel mechanism and is for sports engines and plays the role of engine brake when reducing speed. The new clutch requires 20% less pressure than before to change gears. Another feature of the sliding clutch is its tendency to maintain calm and smoothness when passing through the turn circle, even when the rider puts extra pressure on the brake system. The only complaint about the R7 6-speed gearbox is the lack of a positive feeling when shifting gears. For this motorcycle, you can order a quickshifter for $ 200, which increases its agility in the initial acceleration and spending of the turn circle.
The focus of a supercar is on the ability to steer and ensure how it behaves, so Yamaha has upgraded and innovated to increase the geometric capability of the steering wheel and increase its strength, so that the steering angle angle, or rather the two front branches relative to the road surface The motion has been reduced from 24.8 degrees to 23.7 degrees (the angle created by the two front branches of the ratio: the line perpendicular to the direction of travel). It is a line that passes through the front wheel axle and this distance has reached 88 mm.
The presence of a series of aluminum fasteners in the center of the rear wheel support arm has led to an increase in rotational resistance in order to aim for a firmer ride.
Result ? With such a motorcycle, you can easily cross the circle of turns and give the rider more confidence than the 07-MT model. It weighs 188 kg, of course, considering the full fuel tank is about 7.3 kg heavier than the Yamaha MT, but it is much more agile and the rider can more easily while moving and especially when passing the turns on the seat from Left to right or vice versa and therefore spends less energy on the move which can make a difference after several laps of crossing the track Clearly felt. Its build and assembly quality is as good as expected from Yamaha, and its LCD indicator, which is similar to racing variants, has a high resolution at all speeds.
Yamaha officials say the YZF-R7 is the slimmest R-Series model ever built. The fuel tank and side cover frames are so narrow that it looks more like a 300 cc motorcycle in the size of a YZF-R3 than a 600 cc.
The narrow space of the legs can be suitable for people with a height of 170 cm, which is usually the height of racing motorcyclists. Its 41 mm front two branches are fully adjustable and in this respect it is in perfect harmony with the strength of the chassis, while balancing the passage of roughness inside the track, its braking system at the front consists of two 298 mm disc plates on Each of them has four-piston calipers and therefore has a good stopping power. Its main brake cylinder is made by the famous Brembo brand. Anti-lock braking system or ABS is included as standard.